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“He’s normal again”

RedsArmyAdmin September 19, 2009 Uncategorized 2 Comments on “He’s normal again”

Scal garnett

Someone opened the floodgates on the KG news.  Jess Camerato caught up with some of the Celtics after their charity golf tournament… and they're pretty encouraged by what they see out of KG.

“He’s happy, he’s talking more, which I didn’t think was possible,”
Rivers said following the USI Shamrock Classic at the Nashawtuc Country
Club in Concord. “He’s got his quickness back and he just looks normal

And KG might have discovered that he's got a career in coaching

“His presence has been felt. He has been talking more, but you don’t
know when he starts playing, maybe he’ll talk less,” Brian Scalabrine
said with a laugh. “But he has been leading us in a very instructional
kind of way. Before he was like that, but now, like he pulled me aside
the other day. He was like, ‘You know, you have to play the game within
the game. If you’re trying to get something done later, you want to set
it up with something early.’

“And it helps. I went out there and I did it, and it worked right away. He’s a really intelligent guy.”

I've said before that there's no way KG becomes a coach.  He'll get teched up and tossed mid-way through the first quarter of every game.  He's way too emotional to be a coach… but maybe he can surprise us.  He's certainly smart enough to do it.

And he's talking more? 

I'm concerned for KG's safety.  He barely had time to take a breath before.  I'm afraid he might pass out if he talks more.

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  • KY Celts fan

    I Love It! I can’t wait for that season opener just so I can watch KG toss Varejo around like a ragdoll.
    And if anyone on the C’s has a chance at becoming a coach, it’s Ray. I can easily see him on the sidelines, chomping on his gum, shaking his head in disapproval of a bad call.

  • NFL lock of the week Bet Minn to kill D-town Lions Also i like packers over the bungals Be cool all