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Finally, A Replacement for Posey

Chuck - Red's Army September 18, 2009 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Finally, A Replacement for Posey

Just the other day, I was
blogging about the lack of attention given to the Marquis Daniels acquisition. Turns out, Doc Rivers agrees with me:

“Marquis, that’s the guy no one
talks about,’’ Rivers said. “I’m really looking forward to coaching
him. I didn’t like coaching against him; I thought he was very
difficult to match up to. He can play 2 or 3 and he has the ability to
handle the ball. We’ll use him at point forward.

is where I like him. I thought last year, without having Posey, we
didn’t have that other guy that could guard guys off the bench, and
that put a lot of stress on Ray and Paul. And this year, we’ll have
another guy to defend.

going to replace [Posey] as far as minutes, but they are totally
different. Both of them are very tough-minded, which is good. Posey was
a guy who spread the floor more, Marquis will be a guy with the ball in
his hands more and making decisions.

With Daniels, the Celtics are getting a back-up for Posey and Rondo all in one package, and he's coming here for $2 million. What a freakin' steal.

After Marquis helps the Celtics hoist Banner 18, executives from around the league will ask each other – "Why didn't we throw more money at that guy?"

According to Daniels' Twitter page, he's packing and headed to Boston soon. He's also looking for someone to take care of his hyena while he's out of town. I'm hoping that's a joke.

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  • thetitleisours

    Like Sheed, we do not need these guys to dominate. Just supply us with a PJ Brown and Posey type roles
    Hope Giddens and/or Walker can spell him though in case of injury. Guess he has not played a whole season in awhile

  • Orb

    AND he’s an NBA vet. Doc hates playing anybody that another coach hasn’t given a chance, unless he absolutely has to.
    It’s amazing that Doc’s still talking about “taking Posey’s minutes” two years removed from letting him go.

  • Jared

    i just think posey can’t be replaced… he’s pretty much a role player for a contender… anyways daniels is a very much different player.. good to know that we got him cheap:)

  • I like Daniels-I like him alot. Finally a bonafide scorer to back-up the likes of P2 and SugarRay. I also agree with Doc that he brings some good D to the table. This was a great move and I cannot WAIT to see what this team is gonna look like. Could possibly be better than 2007-08 team as long as KG stays healthy…