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Dickau Unsure If He Wants a Title This Year

Via Boston.com:

Mark Bartelstein, the agent for free-agent guard Dan Dickau, said his
client will decide by the end of the weekend whether to accept a
training camp invitation from the Celtics. Dickau played 19 games with
the Celtics in 2005-06 before training his Achilles tendon and missing
the remainder of the season. Dickau would be in heavy competition for
the third point guard spot with players such as Lester Hudson.

What the hell is Dickau waiting for? A multi-year offer from the Lakers (or Clippers for that matter) isn't coming anytime soon.

When the soon-to-be champs come calling, you jump at the chance. If I was Danny Ainge, I would have pulled the invite within seconds after Dickau said – "I need to think about this."

It's possible Dickau wants to stay home and stare at his wife all day.

It looks like we're the only ones concerned about the 15th roster spot, because Doc Rivers isn't worried.

“I don’t know if we need to fill that spot,
really,” Rivers said. “There’s no rush. We’re not going to play 15
guys. We’re not going to play 12 guys. So I don’t think that’s a big a
deal for us at all.”

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  • thetitleisours

    It would be better for the Celts if he did not show up. One of the worst defenders I ever saw

  • I hope he does he is a good back up true PG (which means he does not have shot to make the team) he has been out of the league a year and he is not getting younger I don’t see danny wasting his 15th spot on but I always liked his game though and his wife more.

  • celdicks

    lmao i think its so funny how you celtics girls are SO sure ur gonna win the ship this yr. haha… good luck with Cavs and Magic douchebags

  • Lee in Oregon

    Never liked him but with his crappy resume he’s lucky DA still thinks he’s worth a camp invite. He could use that to catch on somewhere else later, a la Darius Miles last year. I’d be shocked if Dickau made the team over Lester.

  • Im with jester, bring dan back, he is great, him and scal will be forces to wrecken with off the bench

  • Um, why would we want dickau
    100% better off without him, and thats essintially what docs saying…if it was someone he actually wanted or liked he wouldnt be singing that tune