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Delonte West is preparing for a post-apocolyptic hellscape

Delonte West has been arrested on weapons charges.

“According to the police report, West was charged
with at least two counts of handgun on person, and for driving the
vehicle in excess of reasonable and prudent speed. He was pulled over
on his motorcycle in Upper Marlboro, Md. on I-495.

WUSA, a television station in Washington D.C., reported that
West was pulled over at 10 p.m. Thursday for making an unsafe lane
change on his motorcycle. The station reported that police said West
had two handguns and a shotgun in his possession and was arrested.

Some might say this makes Delonte West a criminal.  I say it makes him a hero.  We all know that the shotgun is the most effective weapons against the zombies that will occupy the earth after civilization disintegrates.

So kudos to you, Delonte West.  I know when the zombies come… you'll be ready.

(Thanks to Jeff from Project Spurs for putting the zombie thought in my head.  See… all us bloggers have screws missing)

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  • G4L

    I heard a rumor a while back from someone that was close to D-west when he was in boston that he sold drugs. Whether thats true or not I’m not sure & I’m not one to start Rumors but it could have to do with why he would be ready for WWIII.

  • Danno

    he definitely smokes weed.
    no one would get all those stupid tats he has if they weren’t completely baked.

  • Finn

    Why else do u think he was wearing those sunglasses in the middle of the night rapping, ordering $40-something in KFC for two people, on that youtube video? The kid was blazed out of his mind, anybody could see that. The guns is crazy though, I’m curious how that’ll play out.

  • Lakerhater

    I like it, Shotguns, motorcycles, suglasses….it just says something Terminator II.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    He’s in big, big trouble. Looks like the cavs are going to be looking for a new starting SG…

  • Lee in Oregon

    Having spent alot of my youth in PG County….Delonte is indeed from a rugged neighborhood and apparently still feels the need to roll with a freakin shotgun on a motorcycle…..JESUS D!!! Nice touch to put it in a guitar case….I’m sure the cops were shocked when you opened the case and there wasnt any guitar in it! Not good!!! Lets see…neck ink? Check! Talk smack & make stoner u-tube video? Check! Weapons violations? Check! Congrats Playa, you’re legitimate!
    This is the 1st time I’ve been glad he’s not still in green. The sad thing is Delonte was pretty funny on Jim Rome’s show as a correspondant, now Romey won’t touch him with a 10 foot pole. Maybe it’s hard to “leave the old beighborhood behind” but that is an extremely wreckless way to return. Bikes have ruined NBA careers but the gun thing is downright scary. Maybe he’s too much of a man to hire security or ride in a limo.
    D Stern will not be impressed either, 5 games? He wont be playin in the opener aginst the C’s.

  • Jared

    my goodness… too bad for delonte:(

  • nick

    lmfAO This dude is a str8 nutbag, I liked him in green, but he struck me as a dude who needed to get moved around a few times and learn what the leagues all about b4 he finally showed his talent, and i think i was right kuz hes pretty good in Cleveland but w.e he had a girl who he broke up with hack herself up with pieces of glass, that was like in 2006 so YA, he’s definetily a fucking freak of nature. I can just imagine the cop seeing a shotty and 2 handguns in the guitar case. If the cop car has any footage of thhis the NBA should purchase it and use it during the playoffs with kanye west so amazing playin in the backround…The NBA where the last horseman of the apocalypse happens, and they can show DELONTE popping a wheely while shooting his shotgun at people like a game of grand theft auto. fUCKIN AWESOME

  • haha! hero huh! if popeye takes spinach to beat his opponent brutus, west takes weed to take down zombies! he is a cool st**id m*r*n!