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Ainge: We want Rondo

RedsArmyAdmin September 18, 2009 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Ainge: We want Rondo

Rondo 1 Don't the Rajon Rondo trade rumors seem like they happened a year ago?  After starting the summer pissing off Rondo's agent, Danny's going to try to negotiate a contract with him.

"We'll have an opportunity to sit down with Rajon and get something
done," Ainge said before the Shamrock golf tournament at Nashawtuc
Country Club in Concord. "Those conversations won't take a long time, I
don't think. Rajon is in a situation where we certainly want him and
consider him a big part of our future. This time of year, it's one of
those circumstances where we would want a deal that's good for us and
gives us security and he wants a deal that's good for him. I think
we'll know after a few conversations if we are close and whether we can
get a deal done or not. I haven't had a conversation with him. I don't
think they know where I stand and I don't know where they stand, so, at
some point we'll get together and have that discussion."

I'm not sure if I've said this here, or if I was talking to myself… each is equally possible:  I think a deal that ends up averaging $10 mil. a year for Rondo is acceptable.  He shouldn't be making Deron Williams/Chris Paul money… but he's good enough to make big money. 

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  • Jared

    oh yeah, 10million is fair enough… he’s yet to become a max player until he finds that consistent shot outside…
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  • antoinew8

    10 Million???!!!
    Are you crazy?
    Rondo is great, and yes maybe he’ll get something like that at the end of the year if he goes into free agency because some strange team like the Grizzlies would overpay for him. But after this off-seasons low payouts, i think he’s looking at something more like 7mil maybe 8mil at best.

  • JD

    I think your the crazy one, 5 years 50 mil, which Rondo reportedly would take, is an excellent offer. Rondo is only one tier below CP3 and DWill, who both make max or close to the max, so why whats wrong with an average of 10 mil a year?

  • How bout these comparables…Hinrich and Mo Williams make $9 million per. While they are better shooters, Rondo is a much better passer, rebounder and defender. He’s worth at least $9 million…

  • thetitleisours

    Rondo is a guy who will work on his game and has a huge competitive desire. He wants to win and not just collect a paycheck like some guys
    Cannot teach that – give him the money

  • Finn

    I agree with BgMck, if you look at some of the players who make that kind of money last year (hinrich, mo williams, bargani, dalembert 11.5 mil, Ben wallace 14.5 mil, larry hughes 12 mil. That’s just a few. Rondo making 10 mil is pretty reasonable considering the other much worse players makin that kind of money

  • Jp

    I’m no good with NBA salaries. I have no idea what players are worth, relative or outright. Ainge surely knows what the C’s can afford. I don’t see him spending more than the team can manage. That said, though, Rondo is the only player on the team who is worth a new big contract. He can be the future of the team. Our “big 3” are worth money today, but probably worth less each of the next 5 years. One would have to assume Rondo will be worth more each of the next five years.
    Ten million doesn’t seem like an outlandish amount to me for a cornerstone of the future. But maybe we can only afford 8 million next year. Are contracts still written up with increases for subsequent years? Stat bonuses? Success bonuses?
    Bottom line, he is worth spending on to keep.

  • Jared

    your crazier!!!
    10m/year is just enough… ainge wants to do it right now cause if rondo becomes an all-star he might be wanting a salary close to a max… look at what minny did to jefferson..