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“‘Somebody better get out on me! I’m hot.”

Sheed Scott Souza has the story of Ray Allen and Rasheed Wallace teaming up to destroy the competition during their informal workouts.

“We played a couple of days ago and a couple of people were mad at
me because they think that I cheated,” he said. “That’s typical for us
because we always get in arguments about who’s doing what and how. But
a couple of guys think that I stacked the team in my favor. But, I
mean, who wouldn’t do that?

“It wasn’t that I stacked the team, it was that I wanted to make
sure everybody had guys they were matching up against from their
position. On my team, I just had guys who were really moving the ball.
Rasheed was one of those guys on my team and Rasheed was … one game he
must have hit every shot.

“I would come off a pick-and-roll and throw it right back to him.
You’ve got to help on me and Rasheed is wide open. So he just knocked
them down. He’s backpeddling down the floor saying: ‘Somebody better
get out on me! I’m hot.’

And while we're here… how about the requisite question about KG?

Allen said Kevin Garnett was in attendance for the workouts, and
indicated he thought Garnett just about ready to come off the pick-up
game DL after offseason knee surgery.

“Kevin looks strong,” Allen said. “He’s been working and shooting.
People have been asking me that all summer. Only he can tell you how he
feels and how his body is responding.”

Kevin looks strong would have been a good headline for this too.

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  • KY Celts fan

    i can’t wait to start cheering for Wallace when he starts knocking down those 3’s and post-up jumpers instead of getting mad and turning off the TV.