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Rondo’s contract & KG’s knee

Who needs coffee?  I woke up this morning to look in the mirror and see a shocking amount of gray in my goatee… and then sat to an even more shocking development on my laptop:  Celtics news!

The Globe has an update on KG and his knee

“Kevin looks good, he’s in here
working out every day,’’ Ainge said yesterday from the team’s practice
facility in Waltham. “He’s doing his training, but he’s not playing
full-court basketball yet.

taking it as slow and as cautious as we can with him. He’s anxious and
he has a ton of energy, but I think he gets it. We don’t have
bodyguards on him to keep him from working too hard. He’s on the
program with the staff.

“We don’t have timetables on this. We are going week to week and we’ll make a decision on where he is.’’

… and Rondo's contract

Asked if he was optimistic about an
upcoming contract negotiation, Rondo replied, “Not really. I’m just
playing it out, trying to get better every day.’’

league source said the Celtics plan to hold talks with Rondo before the
start of training camp later this month. Rondo has one year remaining
on his contract.

Rondo talks about working on his jumper and his pick-and-roll defense.  He says the Celtics made a commitment to come into town early and start working out… and that pretty much everyone is doing it (pretty much? ….. hmmmm…. ).

As for KG, everyone seems to be of the same mind:  take it slow.  No need to pound on that knee by running and jumping all the time.  I'm sure he's shooting and doing drills… which is why Danny specified that he's not playing "full court basketball". 

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  • JD

    gosh, Rondo sounds so malcontent and difficult, we should trade him

  • This is going to sound really negative, but does anyone else think this sounds like the same old song & dance we were getting about KG last year? “Slow and cautious”..I REALLY REALLY hope I’m wrong, but in the words of Han Solo: “I’ve got a bad feeling about this….”. We heard this same nonsense for the last 2 months of the regular season. I hope he’s fine-I really do.

  • I agree with KWAPT. He’s had the entire offseason to keep “training” his knee. I understand we should keep him slow and steady but the season is basically in a month. If it gets to October and he’s still not playing what should we assume? Perhaps re-signing big baby was the biggest move afterall.

  • I’ll see you Han Solo… and raise you Darth Vader…
    “I find your lack of faith disturbing”

  • Ha ha..nice. I know one thing, preseason games this year will actually be very intriguing-KG’s 1st action in a longggg time. Can’t wait..

  • Finn

    I think its funny how everybody loved Rondo until the Celtics tried to trade him around the draft and suddenly he was “too difficult” even though that has never been shown in his play. I don’t care what people say, the kid can ball and has potential to be up there right behind chris paul and deron williams as a top nba point guard as soon as he gets a jumper. Celtics need him, considering hes one of their few young players with serious potential. WORK IT OUT CELTICS.