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Bird’s Near Triple Double Leads BigMck to Game 3 Win


Team BigMck jumped all over Reds Army in the opening quarter and never looked back en route to a 112-103 victory in Game 3 of the Legends Series.

Larry Bird scored 17 of his 22 points in the first quarter as Team BigMck raced out to a 19-point lead. While Bird scored just 5 points the rest of the way, he did just about everything else, grabbing 12 rebounds and dishing 9 assists.

Reds Army closed the gap to 97-93 with 4 minutes left, but Dennis Johnson (17 pts, 6 assists, 4 reb) slammed the door with a three point play and slam dunk on consecutive possessions.

Kevin McHale lead Reds Army with 23 points. Bill Russell had 15 points and 20 rebounds.

Team BigMck leads the series, 2-1.

Click here for the complete box score.

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  • No blocks for Russ, huh?
    I find it hard to believe he’d go a full game without blocking a shot.
    Was that Vancouver Grizzlies stat guy working this game?

  • G4L

    Redsarmys team had a horrible shooting night. That was the differnce.
    Its all going to come down to game 7! & we all know about Bird in big games!

  • Alex

    Russ had no blocks…
    Wow that website doesn’t know what it’s doing. Clearly everything is random.

  • BigMcK

    I guess Russell’s defense is overrated. The computer never lies.

  • Wilbert Wankerstein

    Heinsohn with only 9 shots and Russell with like 16 or something. The system you’re using blows !!
    They did call him Tommy Gun for a reason .
    and Russell with no blocks ??

  • G4L

    Did they record blocks when Russell Played? If not, Maybe thats why. Kind of a Loop hole

  • That’s the problem. They didn’t keep blocks stats back then.