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The Heat Are a Mess

Chuck - Red's Army September 16, 2009 Uncategorized 4 Comments on The Heat Are a Mess

Since there's absolutely zero Celtics related news out there, I figured we'd start the day by taking shots at the Miami Heat.

The chances Dwayne Wade stays in Miami beyond next season are getting slimmer by the day.

After an off-season which saw the addition of one marginal player (Quentin Richardson), and subtraction of Michael Beasley (albeit a temporary one – rehab), the news continues to get worse.

Now all basketball employees are taking 20-percent pay cuts:

The cuts affect everyone in the department, including team president
Pat Riley, head coach Erik Spoelstra, assistant coaches, scouts and

Player salaries are not being affected.

The Heat laid off 20 members of their business operations staff in May as a result of the economic downturn.

The Heat are one of those teams staking their future on the free agent class of 2010. They have one player under contract for 2010-11 – James Jones. Everyone else is either a free-agent or under contract via team option.

Elite free agents won't sign unless Wade is in the fold, and Wade won't commit unless an elite free agent is coming aboard. Not to mention, Wade will be pursued by other teams with much more stability than the Heat.

Regardless, Wade should be furious the team is pissing away one of his prime years. Next year when he walks, I guarantee Pat Riley will "retire."

Around the league, the Spurs Richard Jefferson could miss part of training camp due to a dislocated thumb. Warriors F Stephen Jackson was fined $25K for taking his trade demand public.

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  • G4L

    Its about time a team fines a player for Demanding a trade! Its so annoying when players do that, But whats even more annoying is when drafted rookies hold out or decide not to play for that team i.e. Steve Francis, Ricky (little school girl) Rubio, Yi Jianlian tried it. Rookies who do that should be ban from the NBA for 5 years.

  • G4L

    D-Wade you are Welcome to come to Boston.

  • I think the C’s are close to signing Tyronn Lue. My friend who drives for a car service has been driving him all week and he thinks it’s going down soon.
    He got this gem out of him: “Let me tell you something about me Mike; the only thing I like that’s old is money.”

  • Bad news… bad news! Pat Riley should make a trade now! They should make a way to get Chris Bosh! If that came to Miami, there’s a possibility, actually a big possibility that Wade is going nowhere! As I can see, Bosh also want to play on Wade’s side.