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Slam Likes Celtics Offseason Moves

Chuck - Red's Army September 16, 2009 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Slam Likes Celtics Offseason Moves

Joey Whalen of Slam Online examines the offseason moves made by the teams in the Atlantic Division. Here's the summary:

  • Best Move: Toronto Adding Hedo Turkoglu
  • Potential Over the Top Move: Celtics Sign Rasheed Wallace
  • Best Long Term Move: Nets Trade for Courtney Lee
  • Overpriced Signing: Toronto resigning Andrea Bargnani
  • Best Offseason: Celtics

I can't argue with any of those claims. Here's Whalen's summary of the C's:

Wallace’s impact has already been discussed (see above) and adding
Williams as well gives Boston a tremendous amount of size and toughness
inside. These additions certainly have a lot to do with the injuries
that KG and Leon Powe suffered last year, so Danny Ainge has made sure
he will have plenty of able bodies to fill his frontcourt just in case
the injury bug should strike again. The signing of Daniels provides a
bigger scoring option on the perimeter and will be a great option off
the bench for when Ray Allen or Paul Pierce need a break. The 6-6 guard
is coming off of a career year even though he was limited to just 54
games with the Pacers. He’ll provide energy and versatility to the
floor, able to score effectively in transition and in isolation
situations. Daniels is certainly a better option off the bench than
Tony Allen or Eddie House, at least in terms of scoring ability. Boston
finally has a viable option to insert into the starting lineup in the
backcourt if one of their star guards should face injury and a bench
that will allow them to handle a longer grueling playoff series in the

Outside of RedsArmy and CelticsBlog, I believe there hasn't been enough written about the impact Marquis Daniels could have on this team. But Whalen gets it, and is spot on with his assessment.

My only criticism? Putting Shelden Williams and toughness in the same sentence.

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  • Danno

    Daniels is a better scorer than Eddie House?
    Did they watch the Playoffs last year, at all?

  • I think they mean he’s got more offensive weapons than House. I love Eddie, but his offense is all about his jumper. ‘Quis can slash to the hoop

  • G4L

    Yeah I love the Courtney Lee trade for the Nets. They could have one of the best back courts in a year or two.

  • Lex

    MD better scoring option than E.House. Wow. That’s gonna be a tall order to fill. As far as Shelden, I think people are overestimating how difficult it will be for Shelden to push people around and rebound. That’s all he needs to do. The main problem with him was getting selected at 5. Once that happens, the expectations are higher. If you look at him as a modern day greg kite, that’s an order he can satisfy.

  • Lex

    E.House might be a better scorer than Vinne the Microwave, who couldn’t hit a 3 to save his life–check his 3p%

  • Nick

    Shelden is tough actually, the guy has banged with the likes of Shaq and Howard all the time in his limited NBA experience, just because he hasn’t done great dont’t get it twisted, he is a really tough and strong player in the paint…Now if It comes dowqn to a bar-fight I’ll role with Perk over Shelden any day, Perk’s education is the bayous of Lousiana and Southeast Texas, Shelden’s is Duke, but I mean c’mon the guy is a big strong muscular guy, plus he has played with some HORRIBLE and i mean HORRIBLE teams, lets see how he looks playing with a fucking ALL-STAR team that we have here in Boston.

  • Nick

    Daniels creates his own scoring oppurtunities..House cannot, did anyone see what happens when a team gameplans for House and decides to shut him down, Orlando glues Courtney Lee to him and House didn’t do cock after his 32 point g ame 2 explosion, I mean im o.k with House, but Marquis Daniels is a borderline starter and he can get himself 20 on any team in the league, House needs a lot of space and plays run 4 him to get his points

  • The gran-marquise is a sixth man/starter on just about any NBA team. He creates for himself and others on offense and plays solid individual and team defense. I wasnt thAt keen on him at first. Then his versitility won me over. Daniels can do a little of everything. Shoot slash pass 3pt midrange dunk steel block guard multiple positions. Paul and ray are glad to finnally be able to rest during a game. Not enough is being made about his addition. We didn’t give anything up for him and his cost is very low. My hope is that he sticks arround for a while. So long TA your much improved replacement is hear. (side note I used to love TA’s effort and potential he just keeps bombing and letting me down…be gone with ya now buddy)