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Rondo: “I just want to get the season started”

Don't we all brother… don't we all.  The Herald caught up with Rajon today and asked him about his contract extension.

Rondo was also tight-lipped about any talks about a possible
contract extension with the C’s. Danny Ainge said early in the
offseason that any extension talks would not take place until the fall.
Rondo said nothing has taken place yet and he’ll “play it out.”

And as for his partner in alley-oop crime

Rondo said he returned to the area recently and has begun working
out at the Celtics’ practice facility in Waltham. While many of Rondo’s
teammates are also preparing in Waltham, he said he hadn’t seen Kevin
Garnett and didn’t have any updates on the star forward’s progress from
offseason knee surgery. Rondo did say he expects Garnett to be ready
for the season.

Nice to see everyone here and working out.  We're doing the same here at the Red's Army offices.  I'm practicing my evasive techniques to safely elude the mob of 25-year-old Swedish models that is always chasing me (they can get violent in packs)… while Chuck is sitting on our office couch next to a constant loop of a screaming baby.  It takes a lot of practice to learn how to ignore that and let your wife handle the parenting duties.  He's got to build up a tolerance. 

Plus, he's been busy calibrating our new beer tossing fridge so it's accurate.  The last one was a little off. 

At least those interns gave their lives in the name of science.  Well… science and laziness… but mostly science.  Ok… mostly laziness and partly science. 

I need a nap.

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