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Pardon my absence… and a plea for help

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I've been out of the mix here on Red's Army for a few days because I've been looking for my lost dog Zoe.  If we have any readers in the Foxboro area, please take a look at and keep an eye out for her.  You can email me: or call Foxboro police at 508-543-4343 if you see her.

I apologize for using this space for this, but I'm trying to do all I can to find her and get the word out.  Thanks.

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  • FSantos33

    Sorry about your dog. I would be out there helping you look for her if I lived in MA. Best of luck hope you find her.

  • thetitleisours

    Ditto on the best of luck.
    Make sure to call local animal control and even local vets offices. They may have heard of an animal brought in or can at least contact others to be on the lookout. If they pick up an animal and it does not have tags they take it to a shelter or vet. I had that happen to me. Posting pictures on street signs sometimes helps too.
    Did you have one of the microchips put into your pet? It does not hurt the animal when they put it in and is smaller than a grain of rice.

  • .

    saw the tweet, sry to hear about ur missing pup

  • TK

    I live in Walpole and my wife’s a vet… we’ll keep an eye out.

  • John, I’m sorry to hear this. I hope she’s found safe and sound soon. Sending good vibes your way.

  • Thanks everyone.
    I think just about everyone in Foxboro knows about this dog now. I’ve handed out fliers to mailmen, bus drivers, police officers, garbage men, and a driving instructor. Anyone who drives around that city is aware that a dog is running around.
    Also, did you know they have an Amber Alert-type system for lost dogs? It’s called a SABER alert. I’m hoping to get one of those out tomorrow.
    People of Foxboro are the nicest people I’ve ever met. They are genuinely concerned about my dog. Makes me feel good.

  • If you need any help this week after work or over the weekend to drive around or comb the area, let me know-I’ll come out and help. I don’t have a dog right now, but have had a couple of really cool ones-as gay as it may sound, they really are man’s best friend…

  • Lee in Oregon

    Really hope that adorable pooch finds his way back home.

  • That’s a hell of an offer. I appreciate it. I think at this point, the combing has been done and it’s up to residents and authorities to spot her. She’s a small dog. It’s impossible to find her by driving around.

  • Got ya’. Keep me updated and my fingers will remain crossed.

  • Sucks, J. I hope the little gal shows up…