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We’re on Facebook!

Chuck - Red's Army September 14, 2009 Uncategorized 3 Comments on We’re on Facebook!


In case you haven't noticed, Red's Army is on Facebook. We've been up for a few months now, but the page remains a work in progress.

I'm no Facebook expert, but the page will only be as good as our readers make it. So feel free to become a fan, interact and post your pictures. If I see some really cool pics, I will find a way to add them to our site.

Click here to become a fan.

You can also find us on Twitter – (John's at Redsarmy and I'm at bigmck).We apologize to all MySpace users, but as long as John is on parole, he's banned from using that site.

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  • MySpace is lame anyways (IMO). I think once the season starts you may get some more traffic on Facebook. I’d also still love to see you guys incorporate UStream in with TwoManGame or some other live blog/chat. A “TwoManGame” live with video would be the balls!!! And you can have cohosts on UStream too..hint hint..lol

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Myspace is better than Facebook when it comes down to Music and posting pictures of japanese girls eating feces.

  • I will agree MySpace is decent for music, but Twitter has that covered-they
    now have Twitterurm which is great and very user-friendly. I don’t get into
    the crap-feasting, thanks though.