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Ric Bucher Calls Out Paul Pierce

Chuck - Red's Army September 14, 2009 Uncategorized 14 Comments on Ric Bucher Calls Out Paul Pierce

ESPN's Ric Bucher sets his sights on the Truth in his Offseason Buzz:

He has — or should have — the most tread left of the Big Three, but
he had their same worn-down look in the playoffs, simply unable to
summon the necessary energy every game to get the job done. Granted, he
played a staggering 44 minutes a game to get the Celtics past the
Bulls, and Rondo's role will continue to expand, but at 31 with barely
more than 30,000 minutes played, Pierce should've had more in the tank.
Could it be that one ring was validation enough, that the hunger which
drove him two seasons ago was a greater missing element than KG?

To be fair, we all wondered what was "wrong" with Pierce during the Bulls series.

But rather than question his heart, we assumed injury was behind the lackluster play. (Is 23 points and 7 board per game really lackluster?)

After the season, Doc Rivers admitted Pierce was dealing with some bone spurs. Too bad Ric Bucher missed that bit of news. 

Put Kobe Bryant in a similar situation and the media would have given him a medal of honor for playing 44 mpg with bone spurs without his right-hand man.

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  • Lex

    I’m gonna blame mostly injury on this one. One question I have is why didn’t he have surgery on the spurs after the season, and, better yet, does he really need the surgery?
    Regarding Bucher’s hypothesis, I will say this: The C’s went about as far as they wanted to go, given the cost benefit analysis. The C’s probably could have beaten Orlando, if they really wanted to. But then they would have played Cleveland, and there is a lot of psychological things going on there, like potentially losing a game at home, which might come back to bite them in the butt this year. Also, did Pierce really want to duel LeBron when Pierce was injured? My big concern remains the need for surgery to Pierce.

  • 11rings

    I have a hypothesis that Bucher was too lazy to actually do some real reporting on a real issue so he comes up with this lame, vague insinuation that “Pierce should’ve have had more left in the tank”. Maybe if Bucher wasn’t dogging it he wouldn’t have missed the report that Pierce was injured, or wouldn’t have conveniently ignored it. Did Bucher even watch the Boston-Orlando series? I distincly remember seeing Pierce’s face on TV when it was clear the Celtics were going to lose Game 7 at home and let’s just say he was not a happy man. No way he was dogging it.
    As for anyone saying Paul Pierce or any other Celtic didn’t really want to win a Game 7 at home, uhh, this is the Boston Celtics were talking about here, not some team of prima donna head cases that would sacrifice winning to save their twisted egos. Besides the fact that Pierce and the rest of the Celtics just wanted to flat out win, winning Game 7’s at home is a Celtic tradition, one that they are not going to want to break. How’d you like to stand in front of Bill Russell and John Havlicek and explain why you lost game 7 at home? And I don’t think the Celtics are afraid of Lebron James and the Cavs or anybody else. Even if the Celtics were anxious about playing them they’d be more anxious about losing to Orlando and not getting the chance to play the Cavs.

  • stoolFool

    i think rondos inconsistent (or nonexistent) play during the orlando series is really why we lost. we probably would not have even won the chicago series without him playing out of his mind
    i personally will never doubt pierces heart either, after 10+ years of watching him give everything he had almost every night. dude is a competitor.
    if the core stays healthy there is no one who can beat the Cs

  • Lex

    Let me restate:
    Does anyone think that game 7 of the orlando series would have been any different had it been game 7 of the nba finals? In other words, would either the score or outcome of the game have changed if instead of being the first of possibly 15 more games it was the last game of the season?
    I do.
    The score and outcome would have both changed.
    We would have won.
    If you disagree, ask why game 6 of the 2008 NbA Finals was different than the rest of the finals? It’s easy to say we are the Boston Celtics and we play every game likes its game 7 of the NBA Finals. But it just isn’t true. There is a lot more going on.

  • stoolFool

    because LA gave up after being on the wrong end of the biggest comeback in NBA finals history

  • Yeah…Paul was worn out in the playoffs, bottom line, I cant argue that…. I still believe finding out not even a week before the playoffs started that KG wasnt coming back, it took alot of wind out of him so to speak
    Do I think his hunger wasnt there?
    No, that statment is way off…why?
    He came into camp and the season in better shape then he was the year we won the championship
    he played in 81 games logging heavy minutes, every game mattered to him in the regular season and he put up better numbers across the board then the championship season

  • I think something else to take into consideration is the actual championship run itself
    It was the first time these guys played into June, not to mention it took them more games then any team of all time to ultimately win the title that season.
    The start off 27-2…at this point KG breaks down and we become a completly different ballclub, Pierce really did carry us to winning an impressive 62 games, in which they then play one of, if not the longest 7 game playoff series in NBA history….HE WAS WORNNNN OUT

  • Lex

    because LA gave up after being on the wrong end of the biggest comeback in NBA finals history
    True in part.
    but it’s also true that the celtics didn’t take their foot off the gas like they had in game 2. KG said exactly that on Letterman. This my point. There are all sorts of subtle things like letting up on the gas and not playing like its the last game of the season that goes on in these series, even though we are the boston celtics.

  • Lex

    Just was chatting with Florida Celts Fan, and it makes sense that the celts may not have “left it on the floor” in game 7 against orlando like they would have if it would have been the last game of the season.
    Because if the Cs did beat orlando, they still needed gas in the tank for the next 10-14 games.

  • prefuse

    So, your saying that the Celtics gave up? Ignorant comments like that pisses me off…Can’t you admit that the Orlando Magic was just better?

  • Lex

    prefuse said in reply to Lex…
    So, your saying that the Celtics gave up? Ignorant comments like that pisses me off…Can’t you admit that the Orlando Magic was just better?
    Sure, I can admit that. But I also will argue that the Cs could have played better if less injured, less tired, and thus more motivated.

  • Here is the whole truth. Pierce and allen specifically are ageing vets. Pierce has more in his tank than Allen but both played a huge load of minutes last season…which followed a very long and exhausting post season. With out posey neither play got much rest. When kg went down pierce carried them along with Allen down the stretch. Paul and ray were spent. Perk was banged up and so was rondo. The bulls were younger and fresher. The bulls were more athletic and deeper. Experince and defenseive fudimentals…LOL and rondo’s rediculous play won us that series in 7. Round 2 with Orlando…we just lost powe…and now without any depth at all at the pf, c and sf positions we were out talented, out sized, out skilled at many positions and they definently had us on depth….they had pietrius we had frigg’n tony Allen!! What’s that tell you? Orlando was at that point in the season and with out kg and powe…just better than us…it kills me to say it…I was in Thailand watching online shedding tears from a far! I knew it was a real task getting past the bulls without powe and kg. Then playing Orlando the way we did was impressive to me. We faught hard and with Celtic pride. We left blood sweat and tears on the court. Crazy thing is we allnost won that series a few times. Do I think we could have kicked it up a knotch in the finals vs the lake show???..yes but it’s not a foot on the gas issue. The finals increases your pain threshold..and suddenly your not as tired..it would have been a loosing effort though. Without kg and powe we weren’t gonna win a title! Celtic nation has paul’s back! The man never gives u less that 100%. Anyone else got beef?!?!

  • TheTruthIsALie

    This had NOTHING to do with the alleged injury. Did any of you eber watch Pierce play when the team had no shot at winning? Of course not. You are all bandwagon jumpers.
    Pierce was out for Pierce and if the team had no shot at winning he would either take stupid shots to try and be the hero or he would quit altogether.
    When KG brought this town a title everyone gave the credit to Pierce when all he did AGAIN was what he always did. He showed up after someone else did all the work.
    KG is the only reason we get past Atlanta.
    Pierce is no hall of famer. He is not a difference maker. He is a show off and a ball hog and when KG got hurt Pierce quit. Just like he always had. He was not going to take the blame and if he was half the player you people act like he is we easily would have beat Orlando but Pierce knew he wasn’t getting to the finals so he gave up.
    I don’t hear any injury excuses from 08 when he was “so hurt” he was wheeled out of the stadium in a wheel chair only to come back and score 40 points.
    Spare me. Celtics “fans” have gone stupid.

  • TheTruthIsALie

    Lex you’re an idiot.
    The Celtics are not a championship team without KG PERIOD. There is no discussion. That is a fact.
    Pierce fanatics will make excuses for everything he does wrong. You literally make the real fans sick.