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Report: Pagliuca Running for Senate



Celtics co-owner Stephen Pagliuca has assembled a team of experts and is plotting to announce a run for the US Senate seat of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

For those who follow politics and the Celtics, this is quite the story.

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  • My jaw-dropped when I read this on Twitter! This could be great! We could get Larry and Hondo’s birthday’s turned into state holidays, guarranteed extra MBTA service to N.Station on gamenights..No seriously though, I can’t lie and say I know a hell of a lot about Pagliuca. I sat behind him and his family at a bunch of games last year and he seems like a really warm-hearted, down-to-earth guy. I saw alot of “average joes” invited to sit down with him in his courtside seats etc. This will be a very interesting story to follow..

  • His only drawback…he’s a democrat.

  • People say I drink like Edward M. Kennedy only I date girls that can swim!!!

  • Holy crap! I don’t know a lot about him, yet, but he’s sure throwing an extra plot into the mix. This is nothing new for Boston though, a town that’s seen some high priced runs in the past several years. Ohhh, I can’t wait to see how this unfolds. Pass the popcorn. And tequila.
    *aside: why the hell, when I log in to post comments, do I get redirected and my ID doesn’t show up? No wonder I stopped commenting around here. Balcony Gal has to have easy access…snort.

  • My apologies. I have told the IT team to fix this immediately.

  • Pagliuca should think of a way to get Danny Ainge involved in the federal government so that way he could organize a trade to trade all of our national debt for Twinkies and Ryan Gomes

  • I love when Jester pulls out 40 year old references

  • Glad you caught it and enjoyed