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Lester Hudson Working Hard to Impress

We've got a status update on rookie Lester Hudson, courtesy CelticsTown. The finger is healed and he's working out with the team in Waltham, still without a contract. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

On learning from the veterans:

Even playing with those guys in Waltham (at the Celtics'
practice facilities), I am trying to let them help me out. Paul Pierce
took me aside the other day and taught me different ways to use a
pick-and-roll. Coming out of college, I don't know as much about the
little parts of the game as these guys do, and I'm just trying to learn
as much as I can.

On his injured finger:

I've been here (Waltham) for about two months, working on my conditioning,
ball-handling and shooting. With my finger, I was only cleared to play
full-court last week. I was able to still do all my drills before that,
but I wasn't cleared for contact until then. Now, I'm out here trying to get acclimated to the Celtics and
work on my game. The coaching staff told me I should work on my
ball-handling the most. In college, I handled the ball a lot and did a
good job of it, but nobody really put too much pressure on me.

On his contract situation:

I'm just trying to stay patient and let my play decide my contract.
It's up to nobody but me, whether I earn a spot on the team. I'm not
worried about it, I'm just out here trying to impress whoever I can…
the coaching staff, Danny Ainge, the owners, the weight trainers, the
equipment managers, everybody. I'm going to let my play do my talking,
and hopefully the contract will work itself out.

It's clear the Celtics are giving Hudson every opportunity to make the team. It's simple, he's going to have to outplay the Dan Dickau's of the world at training camp to make the roster.

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  • thetitleisours

    I cannot imagine him not beating out Dickow(sic) and Mike Taylor. He may not be the ball handler but he seems to have more defensive and rebounding skills. I would take that anytime for limited play that he could have.
    Dickau is soft, Taylor has some character issues in the past
    This guy says and does all the right thing.
    Or we could trade Giddens for Sessions 😉

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Let’s go Hudson! Dun dun dundundun! Let’s go Hudson! Dun dun dundundun!

  • JD

    Dream on, in regards to that lest sentence.

  • thetitleisours
  • Finn

    I like his attitude. Real positive and hard worker. I can’t wait to see how he plays come pre-season vs. the other guys. I sure as hell am rooting for the kid though.

  • Lex

    Celtics blog makes the safe argument. Doc’s trying to win a title. Doc doesn’t like rooks. Hudson won’t play and probably won’t get a spot.
    Sadly, I tend to agree.
    But I look at this kid and his highlghts, and other than really being 6-1 and not 6-3, I like him. Pruitt would still be with the team if he had his spunk.

  • Lex

    Just wandering around other people’s blogs posting about whatever. I feel like a homeless celtics fan. Maybe just trying to avoid fighting on my blog about whether DJ was better than Isiah from 78-86.