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Erden Dominates Gasol in Eurobasket


Via Jess Camerato's Green Street Blog:

The Boston Celtics 2008 second round draft pick Semih Erden has yet to play in an NBA game, but he has already defeated one of the Los Angeles Lakers. On Saturday he helped Turkey defeat Pau Gasol and the Spanish team in the EuroBasket 2009 Group F qualifying round.

The 6-11 center led the team with six rebounds and scored 11 points,
including two free throws that secured Turkey’s 63-60 victory over
Spain. He also contributed two rebounds, an alley-oop from Hedo Turkoglu,
a block, and a steal in the final five minutes of the back-and-forth
match up. Turkey remains undefeated (3-0) and plays Serbia on Monday.

I don't have Pau Gasol's stats for the game, but the fact that Semih Erden outplayed him down the stretch tells me one thing: Gasol is satisfied with his sole NBA title and has happily reverted back to his soft ways in pivotal games.

Meanwhile, Ray Allen is still hiding his old sneakers. Unfortunately, he's placing them in sketchy, abandoned neighborhoods in downtown Hartford. Have fun finding the sneakers kids!

After getting called out by Michael Jordan during his HOF speech, Bryon Russell issued a challenge:

“I’ll play his ass right now,” Russell told Yahoo! Sports. “This is a
call-out for him to come play me. He can come out here in his private
jet and come play. He’s got millions of dollars. He can pay for the
jet. He can meet me at the Recreation Center in Calabasas.

Let it go Bryon. Everyone outside of Chicago knows Jordan pushed off on that play. It's OK – it wasn't your fault.

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  • Stats here:,ovGDH2EaLKL67XnPo2.gameID_6366-F-3-1.compID_qMRZdYCZI6EoANOrUf9le2.season_2009.roundID_6328.teamID_.html#{5E70D78D-E480-4F66-9B60-839D032EE21A}
    In fact, this is the worst Eurobasket tournament I’ve seen in ages…

  • thetitleisours

    Do the Celtics still own the rights to Erden?

  • FSantos33

    Do you know when the Celtics can bring him to the U.S.? If Erden turns out to be a good player that’s another steal by Ainge.

  • AnonymousDiva

    You don’t quite seem to grasp the concept that basketball is a TEAM sport, not an individual sport. Gasol is not solely to blame for Spain’s losses.
    It’s obvious to anyone who watches the game that there is no unity, and that their coach (the third in as many championship runs) is making poor decisions.

  • Alex

    It looks like someone has found Ray Ray’s sneakers.

  • Not only was he good on defense, he sank two extremely clutch free throws to win the game for Turkey. A really nice pick by Ainge, if you’re to draw any conclusions from this one game…

  • Alex

    Argh, I hate coming on RedsArmy to read anything new and just seeing the Gasol picture. It’s like nails on the chalkboard for me.

  • WC

    An overseas series predicts Gasol’s drive and ability for the coming NBA season? Yawn. We all know he’ll be ready.
    Wishful thinking.

  • Pau is a bitch, i’d own him in the post!!

  • Steve From LA

    ” . . . Gasol is satisfied with his sole NBA title and has happily reverted back to his soft ways in pivotal games.”

  • Boston2010!!!

    Thank You. Gasol did not get dominated. Gasol 16-9 to Erdens 6-11 does not equal dominated. Please

  • well done pau Gasol !!
    they really did a good job this time.