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The Week in Review

Chuck - Red's Army September 12, 2009 Uncategorized 2 Comments on The Week in Review


Ray Allen made plenty of headlines this week. First he was called "sneaky dirty" by Dime Magazine. Clearly upset by that label, Ray unleashed his "eye of the tiger." Then he planted old sneakers across the greater Boston area. And what better way to finish off the week then with talk of a contract extension.

John and I dusted off the tuxedos for the inaugural Red's Army Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Congrats to all the new inductees. I apologize for John's gin-fueled tirade at the reception.

Speaking of greatness, John and I sifted through the Celtics legends and drafted our greatest green teams. The teams will square off in a simulated series, courtesy of

Even though KG still isn't cleared to scrimmage (Yikes!), Paul Pierce says he likes this year's squad better than the one that won the title in 2008. We also offered up our projections for Paul Pierce this season. And that final roster spot might go to Dan Dickau.

We wondered if replacement refs will learn to suck in time for the season, and should the league resolve this labor dispute, is it smart to have 70-year old men refereeing games?

We dug up a ridiculous old commercial featuring Larry Bird and some tight jeans. And the best dunk you will ever see.

As for hot chicks, Cameron Diaz participated in a charity threesome with Bill Walker and JR Giddens. And we got a glimpse of Patrick O'Bryant's bride to be.

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  • My NfL Lock of the week, Bet this one big boyz !!!CINCINNATI -5 over Devner…… Devner has no one that at can throw the ball and a crappy running game and the D ain’t much better. the Bunguls have a contract year for ochocinco, a coach on the hot seat, and QB an D that are strong this year. BET THIS GAME other games i like NEW ENGLAND -11,NEW ORLEANS -13, and the game I almosted locked Minnesota – 4
    Go Celtics Go Buckeyes Beat USC
    Sent to you drunk outside The Horseshoe!!!!!!!

  • im still recovering from ward fucking me with that fumble on thursday night, that one was pretty tough to take