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Ray wants to stay

RedsArmyAdmin September 12, 2009 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Ray wants to stay

If this is indeed Ray Allen's last year with the Celtics… it won't be because he chose to leave. He's looking to stay.

“Of course, but it will be dealt with in its time,” said Allen, when
asked whether he would like to play more years in Boston. “My job
doesn’t change. I gotta go out and do the same things. We get paid to
play basketball. We’re all in a great situation so we can’t look past
this year.”

The rules say a player must play for a team for three years before the team holds his Bird rights.  So I'm going to guess we won't hear a peep about an extension until this season ends.  It's nice to hear that he wants to stick around.  I'd like to see him stick around too.  I think he's got plenty left.  The negotiations might get interesting… but I think Ray is digging it here in Boston.  I think the idea of moving again might not be very appealing.  As long as both sides play fair, we could see some kind of two-year deal with a third year team option. 

Speaking of signings, Gabe Pruitt signed with the Knicks.  So we'll get to see first hand if he figures something out and becomes a contributor.

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  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Yeah, I don’t want Ray going anywhere either. Obviously he’s no Michael, but when it comes to keeping his body in shape like what Michael did, there is a comparison. If my ears didn’t deceive me yesterday, I heard that Michael won his last MVP at age 35. If that’s the case, Ray has PLENTY of gas left in the old tank-aroo.

  • Jp

    Speaking of Mike…did anyone else hear that Joradn said, “There will never be another Michael Jordan”? Sure it may be true, but seriously Mike?

  • Bruno Sundov

    meh if there’s anyone to say it it should be him. there are plenty of worse or more selfish things he could have said.

  • Lex

    So RA, where do you rank our chances of winning it all this year compared to this time in 08? In 08 I was an 8.5 to a 9, and this year I’m a 7 to a 7.5. If everything works out, we could be better than in 08. But right now, just not as confident. Back in Sept of 85, I was probably a 9 to 9.5 after getting walton. Not sure why, since his injury problems were much worse than KGs.

  • I’m probably at an 8 to 8.5. The difference being that a couple of years ago, the KG and Ray thing was so fresh and exciting. This year, with KG coming off the injury, I’m a little weary. Plus, I think our competition is better this time around.

  • antoinew8

    The only way that ray is not going to be a celtic until he retires is if the celtics do a deal to bring in either Dwayne Wade or Joe johnson at the trade deadline, or if at the end of the season ray asks for too much money. I think the team would offer Ray at the worst the 5 mil that ‘Sheed got this year, maybe something more like 6 or 7 will be the reality, and then when the Celtics do a sign and trade using Rondo to get Dwayne Wade, this will become the greatest team of all time next season

  • There will never be another Micharl Jordan, pretty simple

  • lol…