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Yeah, let grandpa keep reffing games!

Bavetta This whole mess between the league and its refs is getting ridiculous.  Now the union is telling Fanhouse that this the contentious negotiations is all about forcing older refs out.

"The NBA is trying to push out the veteran referees without violating
age discrimination laws," McMorris said. "These officials live the
game, they love the game, and the league is trying to push them out."

No one is doubting their love for the game.  But I am doubting their ability to officiate the game.  We're watching games with some of the finest athletes in the world.  Some of these players are freaks of nature.  And some of these games are being officiated by elderly men. 

Did you know that Dick Bavetta will turn 70 this season?

Rajon-rondo A 70 year old man will be running up and down the court trying to keep up with 20-something speed demons like Rajon Rondo.  And no only that, he's going to have to make snap decisions on plays that almost happen faster for the keenest human eye to fully comprehend.

I don't want to take people away from jobs they love… but some of these long-time guys NEED to step away.  This game is too fast now.  And what about the relationships that form between these long-time refs and the veteran players?  When you really think about it… it's no surprise vets get all the calls.

The sun has to set sometime.  I know their union has to fight for everything… but this is a losing battle.  We can't have a group of guys in their 60's and 70's officiating NBA games.

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  • BigMck

    The body’s senses diminish with age. Eyesight, hearing, reflexes – all vital requirements for this job.
    If the league can set an age requirement for players entering the league, then it should set one for referees exiting the league.

  • Jp

    Interesting to think about. Do most businesses have a mandatory retirement age any more? Maybe these guys need to keep reffing because they haven’t paid off their respective gambling debts yet? Does the ref end of the NBA have a D-League? Are there NBA instructors to teach the younger/newer refs? Maybe that’s where the “retiring” refs go? Hell, ship em off to Europe with the NBA players who can’t get it done here any more.

  • In soccer, which is way slower than basketball, referees must retire at age 45. In the NBA, we get 70-year old refs… way to go David Stern…

  • Bottom line is this is a different kind of job. You’re expected to keep up with young stud athletes. There HAS to be a limit.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Enough with these old farts. Get them OUT!!!
    I can only imagine the amount of accidental squirts Bavetta has had in those ancient undies of his.

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