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The Red’s Army Hall of Fame

Chuck - Red's Army September 11, 2009 Uncategorized 39 Comments on The Red’s Army Hall of Fame


As the NBA inducts its newest Hall of Fame class (Michael Jordan, John Stockon, David Robinson), we feel this is the perfect time to honor our most loyal Red's Army readers.

Nearly 5 years ago, on a cold winter morning, sleep deprived and mentally fatigued from working yet another overnight shift, the dreams of two Celtics fans so desperately fighting maturity came to life. The concept behind Red's Army was born that day, and as we dreamed up ideas we wondered – will anyone want to read this crap?

Thankfully, the answer was and still is – Yes!

We appreciate all the time our readers spend on the site, especially those who offer comments.Without further ado, here's the inaugural class of the Red's Army Hall of Fame:

DRJ – He's been with us pretty much since the beginning.  An astute Celtics fan who speaks his mind but with respect for the people he's talking to.  He brings it every comment.  When you can say you have "a kind of wistful affection for our erstwhile opponents from the opposite coast" in regards to the Lakers… you're bringing it.

G4L – Another original.  And one of the first readers I've met in person.  Another very knowledgeable Celtics fan who contributed from day 1 and helped this site grow.  Between our original site and forums, and the last few incarnations of Red's Army, G4L has probably made a couple thousand comments… and I might be missing a few.

Jester – The reader with the highest BAC. He often shares TMI in his posts. Since words cannot describe his impact, I will defer to one of his comments. "My wife takes the baby to church around 11am, I
start drinking because her whole family comes over at 2:30 including
her uncle that makes me drink. so i will be lucky see around tip off
time hopefully the trailer doesn’t burn down!!!" Enough said.

KWAPT – KobeWearsAPurpleThong burst on the scene in the past year with one of the most creative monikers ever. His dedication and passion are unrivaled. It's quite possible the Internet is his only friend.  Lucky for us.  If we had a marketing department, he'd probably head it up.

Papa Irish – One of the most prolific posters in Red's Army history, and owner of one of the best avatars I've ever seen.  And he continues the trend of original readers who stuck with us while we found our voice.  As loyal and passionate about the Celtics and Red's Army as it gets.

Tim (Fire Doc) – Yet another one of the original readers and Chuck's arch nemesis. So what if he built his reputation on the incorrect premise that Doc Rivers should have been fired?  It says a lot about the type of contribution you make to a site when you can openly challenge one-half of the brain-trust and not only not get banned… but be held in such high regard.

So that's our inaugural Red's Army Hall of Fame class.  Thanks to everyone who contributes and comments.  We look forward to another great year.

John & Chuck

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  • G4L

    I would like to thank GOD first of all because with out him this would not be possible… My mother my father.. (Eyes watering) Juan & Cristian for changing my life & referring me to this site.. (TEAR) That Picture of Adriana Lima in the bottom left for giving me motivation to wake up in the morning & last but not least all you fans for making this possible!! Party at Jesters House! WOOOHHH!! (me walking off to the wrong side of the stage). HAHA!
    But seriously guys, Thanks! Keep up the good work you guys have been bringing it this off season.

  • lol….DRJ been here since the beginning?
    he self admittedly started being a fan of the celtics when they got the big 3

  • Well I’m looking back at previous incarnations of the site and he’s been here pretty much since the beginning of Red’s Army. He hasn’t been here as long as some other guys… but he’s been around for a while.

  • Leave it to ToTheRuins to criticize a HOF nominee.
    Good or bad, TTR is on track to be inducted in 2011.

  • Noob Poster

    You’re right TTR, I remember DRJ’s last post at the end of last year saying he had jumped of the Celtic’s bandwagon…I haven’t seen a DRJ post since.

  • I’m more upset that Johnny the Bone didn’t make the HOF over the fact that I didn’t make this years cut.
    I feel a nice Jim Rice like style for me to make it in. Sometime around 2020 I hope.

  • Thank you guys! Your site is the best. And it’s not fair to say the internet is my only friend-I’m pretty close with the tv as well…

  • And I want my plaque to say
    Ryan(UNH): The artist formally known as unc332

  • First of all i liked to thank all the other celtics blogs that are out there, because while they might not be as clever, insightful, well thought out, or entertaining as Reds Army, they did lead me to redsarmy, and without them i wouldnt be where i am today. Second i’d like to extend a special thanks John and Chuck, for chasing their dreams and letting all of us along for the ride; they truly are pioneers. (sniffling begins) oh i pr.. promised myself i… i wouldn’t (loses control) im so… im so hyped right now, anything is possible, ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE, i ber bei ebr ais ris eboa ebeir, im sorry, im sorry…. THIS FOR EVERYBODY ON REDS ARMY, IN BOSTON, CELTICS FANS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, AND MY MOTHER AND MY MOTHER, I MADE IT MA…TOP OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think i pretty much nailed the induction speech,
    PS. would it surprise anyone if to the ruins became like the jim rice of this site? i mean clearly he may deserve it but he might have pissed to many people off along the way lol
    also i cant help but feel like matt barnes let nick down here, because no way he doesnt make it if barnes signs here, but when you invest sooo much time in one campaign those are the chances you take
    if i was predicting the ’11 class, Nick and ThatGuyofOvertheOcean would all have to have strong considerations
    lol thanks guys, ill be here to the end

  • thetitleisours

    I will buy you guys a keg is I am nominated next year 😉

  • I’d like to thank my John for presenting me.That was a surreal and confusing introduction, and a reminder to us all why they called you the mad gay greek.
    It’s an honor to stand here beside my fellow inductees. What great men, what magnificent bastards! In particular, it means so much to be entering the Hall with Fire Doc — I’ll never forget the God-awful things you used to type before the games.
    2004, I was a Drunk fresh out of Iraq, Standing at this podium today, I realize I’ve come a long way from Bridgeport, Ohio (same place as number 17 Hondo).
    I see a lot of smiling faces out there. Former blogmates, family, and the fans — especially those of you who drove all the way from Knockemstiff Ohio (look it up, it’s there). I’ve always said Celtics fans are the best fans in the world!
    (Wait for applause, start to get weepy.)
    Come on, Jester. I promised myself I wouldn’t blow an emotional snot-bubbler.
    (Long pause to regain composure. Blow nose.)
    No one gets here without drinking hard. is like life. Thank you for making all of my nightmares become realities.
    Thanks guys keep up the great work. Can we order HOF T-shirts
    A lot of strong 2011 hopefuls

  • Thank you to John, Chuck. And most importantly Doc Rivers, because without him I wouldn’t be standing here today.
    It’s truly an honor to be recognized in the first Hall of Fame Class. I remember my first day reading the site… in the pre-season of the 2006-2007 season. I read it for a few weeks, thinking the Celts would go all the way that season. Sure enough, they lost three games in a row at the start of the season, and I created the account “Fire Doc”.
    I would like to say, that the absence of JonnytheBone in this years class of inductees is a tradgedy. Jonny used to carry the forums…. and although I was the all-time leading poster in the old forums, Jonny was the heart and soul.
    But to be here with Jester, G4L, KWAPT and all the others is truly an honor. And if I could ever buy a t-shirt that says “ Hall of Fame Inductee, class of 2009” I would buy about 10.

  • There’s no doubt others could have entered the inaugural class. Their time may yet come.
    Hmmm…. 10 shirts, huh?
    I can put a shirt together for you guys. It can be the image at the top of the post with a “Class of 2009” on it.

  • 10 might have been an over-reaction. I’d pay a hefty price for 1 though.

  • G4L

    I might get that tatooed..

  • should we HOF at the end of our names now? like Jester00HOF

  • HELL YES! Get those shirts printed out! I’ll send you a pic with mine on, and whoever else wants to can as well. Then you can post the official “Class of ’09 class picture”..

  • This is the best and proudest day of my life.

  • thetitleisours

    Man I have been here everyday and I ain’t feelin’ the love lol

  • Man, this sucks. I didn’t even know I was not nominated until you other guys won. Well, there’s always next year (guess I have to stop just posting when I have something to say! Maybe I’ll start a couple of fights. Maybe I will wear a Red’s Army t-shirt and post the pic as my avatar…). Well, if I can’t be inducted, can I at least be asked to introduce one of the inductees? Please?

  • You dominated the old forums, but have disappeared from the comments.
    Yes – speak up even when you have no point. Its called the ToTheRuins model.

  • G4L

    I think so… atleast for the next week or two.

  • G4L

    Amen to that brother!

  • that shirt would be sick, haha would all of us getting matching rings be taking it too far? lol

  • Congratulations to Michael Jordan.

  • G4L

    I think All the Inductee’s should make an acceptance video & send it in.

  • I have nothing wrong with DRJ, out of all the posters here, i think he is the funnest poster to follow.
    That being said, he admittedly said he wasnt a fan until the big 3 were put together and they won 66 games.
    He then admittedly jumped off the bandwagon when they lost last season and made bogus claims of KG faking his injury, and paul pierce quitting on the team

  • A comparison to the great Jim Rice?
    You made my day sunshine 🙂 🙂
    lol @ me not being in the hall of fame, I know, I know, I would have been a controversial inductee, but I give this site more traffic then all of you combined 😉

  • NineSevenEight

    ToTheRuins reminds me of that cranky old gramp who slapped that strangers kid in a Wal-Mart a couple weeks ago.

  • Juan

    Thanks for the shout out G4L, and congrats on being inducted into the 2009 Red’s Army HOF!

  • Whaddya say John, Chuck?

  • Thank you all for the shout-outs. Hey, it’s a “what have you done for me lately?” world. I was prolific on the boards, because they engendered more discussion. The “comments” format just isn’t conducive to anything lasting. They just fall by the wayside when that item gets displaced by the next one. Kind of like this!

  • any words on the t-shirts i been drinks and have my Credit card out

  • I’ve been occupied looking for my dog. Once I get that taken care of, I’ll
    make the shirt. I get the feeling you’ll be drunk with you card…. or
    something…. out again soon.

  • Ha, not nice, but funny good luck with the dog

  • DRJ

    This is the first time I’ve clicked through to this page. Ha! Who knew??
    Thanks for the inclusion. Appreciate it! This page with its comments is a riot too. I especially like the little tempest of controversy that TTR started about me… thanks TTR, and I do appreciate that you try to “keep me honest” in the comments too 🙂 Not that I agree with what you say or anything :))
    I admit to having lost faith in the team after last year… but I think they have by now said the same thing. Especially Paul and Doc, who is the one who said that they lost it last year. I lost faith in them, but only after they lost faith in themselves. I could explain how my passion for them is not unconditional, etc…. but that would be terminally boring. Fuhgetabout.
    Anyway, that’s all in the past. This year’s team is completely renewed. Goin’ all the way, they are!

  • Al

    Classic read – i’m gonna try get my nomination with the following credentials – being the first New Zealand HOF’er, keeping TTR’s laughable bias as honest as I can…
    That’s all I got…although if I can miraculously heal KG’s knees…..

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Congratulations to all the Celtics fans in the world, and especially to the brave and dedicated ones who earned the nominees here!
    I’ll do my best from Rome for 2010 class, watch out guys!! 🙂

  • I want to be in this great historical Hall of Fame for my twitter account #TeamCeltics original right here, since 2007-2008