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Ray Allen Giving Away Old Shoes

Chuck - Red's Army September 11, 2009 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Ray Allen Giving Away Old Shoes


Via Ray's Twitter page:

just finished workin out and realized I have so many shoes that I don't
wear anymore so as I am driving thru Boston I decided I'm gonna
a pair of shoes somewhere for whoever to have. When I find a good place
I'll tweet the address. The shoes aren't signed either

Nice gesture by Ray.

Don't kill yourself climbing up utility poles, I'm guessing Ray won't be hurling his sneakers over power lines.

After the jump, a picture of Ray's practice sneaker from last year. Chances are you'll see it being tossed out the window of a Mercedes on Storrow Drive any minute now.


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  • That is 5 minutes from my job, but I’m just way too busy to get over there. There will probably be a bunch of kids there by now anyways…that is cool as hell of Ray to do that. Twitter has taken the player/fan interaction to another level.

  • rcry

    lol a scavenger hunt for Ray’s shoes. I love it. Too bad I don’t have a car.

  • Daman

    Almost forgot ray was with team jordan… makes it better!

  • Paddy

    sugarray20How did I get the seat behind mark eaton. He’s 7 foot 6. Now I know how folks feel in the movie theater. Lol