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Paul: I like us even better than when we won the…

Peter Stringer of interviewed the Truth this week. Paul and most of the team are in Waltham working out. Here are some excerpts:

On Marquis Daniels and Rasheed Wallace:

Rasheed brings a championship pedigree to the team… Marquis Daniels another valuable guy who is going to come off our bench and give us some energy. So I like us…I like us even better than when we won the championship.

On KG’s knee:

He’s looking pretty good. He didn’t play… but he’s out there doing slides, the weights, he’s on the treadmill. It’s almost like having a new acquisition.

Anyone else concerned that KG isn’t able to scrimmage yet?

Paul’s dogs make a cameo (1:15) – Looks like he’s got a beagle and poodle. Poodle?

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  • That’s a Labradoodle.
    What were you expecting a cliche pit bull or something?

  • FSantos33

    Looks like Pierce is in good shape. KG was moving gingerly during that video clip. I am a bit concerned about it but he still has time to get fully recovered.

  • If you are not concerned about KG not being able to scrimmage you got some serious confidence, or are a real serious optimist…. this is why I laughed at the proclamation someone made the the other day that Pierce will be the first of the big 3 to stop playing at a high level…Um if KGs knee doesnt fully come around, and he loses his lateral quickness and some athletisicm, we are looking at a completly different player, one that wont be able to play much more then 30 minutes, and wont even be half the player he was in 2007
    SERIOUS CONCERN, they spun the KG injury for months last season, he missed the entire stretch run and playoffs…an injury that was originally diagnosed “2-3 weeks” im not beleiving he’ll be good until i see it

  • Lex

    Questions about the video:
    Are we sure it is recent–the scrimmage portion? It appears that doc is present. Can coaches be present before camp starts? Briefly you see someone standing under the hoop. Looks kind of like leon powe.

  • thetitleisours

    Hope they were house trained on Laker Jerseys