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NBA 2K10 looks kinda amazing too…

I’ve been told many times since posting about the new NBA Live that 2K’s gameplay is better.  I’m not being paid by either side (yet… but I’m open to it)… and I obviously haven’t been able to test the gameplay on these… so I’m just going by looks alone.  This one looks about as awesome as live… but I’m going to mark it down because there’s a lot of Derrick Rose crapping the Celtics.  So 2K loses that tie breaker. 

I guess all basketball games are going to look amazing to me nowadays… since this is the game that was hot when I was a kid

(via Dime)

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  • Rose faking Rondo AND dunking over Perkins? No chance in hell. That is REALLY a videogame. Plus Kobe makes me sick. Even if 2k10 is way better, I’m gonna buy NBA Live for the first time in many years.

  • NBA 2K is the $hit. NBA live has been horrible for a long time. 2K9 is great; don’t see how 2K can make it any better; but i heard 2k10 is gonna be even better. I’m getting that the day it comes out. not only is 2k way more realistic with the graphics; gamelay is way better too.
    they make it look like the celtics got no defense; they sould have shown rondo beatin up the bulls like in game 1 of that series.

  • I did see some kind of rookie combine mode which looks cool on 2k10

  • i’ve tried it, it is pretty cool. if 2k10 is just half as great as the combine game is; 2k10 will be the best game ever.

  • Spiraea

    Double Dribble! Wow I haven’t seen that game in ages. I wouldn’t be against a re-release of it. The sound of a 3 ball in the air is the greatest thing ever!
    On topic though, I just haven’t enjoyed an NBA Live game since 04 which was the last I played until I played 09. I don’t know what it is but it just doesn’t feel right whatsoever to me

  • Spiraea

    Which I just found out, it did get a couple of re-releases. On the Wii’s Virtual Console and a remake online

  • CelticBalla32

    I don’t understand this logic and I never will. You’re really going to spend $60 on a game, knowing it is worse than the other which is the same price, just because of the person on the cover?
    Whether the cover athlete is Kobe Bryant or Bruno Sundov, it’s still the same game.

  • The best basketball video game ever was released in 1983- “One on One”. You could play Bird vs Dr J, and who can forget shattering the backboard:,266458/

  • I call shinanigans on Derrick Rose ever dunking on Perk. Just won’t happen. Go home 2K sports

  • prefuse

    very ignorant. sigh..

  • Hell fuckin’ no. I feel that Vitaly.

  • Can’t use a little irony there?…

  • celdicks

    lmao its just funny how the fag that runs this website puts derrick rose on the nba 2k10 video instead of Kobe… it shows his go 2 move which is just too much for the celtics to handle and this website to handle HAHAHAHA