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God either hates Allen Iverson, or the people of Memphis

Allen Iverson tweeted that he's got a deal…
and he's going to Memphis.

“God Chose Memphis as the
place that I will continue my career.”

So does God hate Allen Iverson for making the crappy Grizzlies the only team that would sign him?  Or does he hate the people of Memphis for not only saddling them with the worst franchise in the NBA as of right now, but also the petulant star that will put the spotlight on said crappyness while stunting the development of any promising players currently on the roster?

I'm just sayin'.  If God made the choice, then he must hate someone in this scenario.  This would be angry, vengeful, flood-the-earth God.  Personally, I'm pretty sure any God you might believe in would have better things to do than choose Allen Iverson's career path.

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  • Matt

    The 2009-2010 Memphis Grizzlies: The most talented team to suck ass!

  • Joseph

    Geez, you know if AI would have went to Boston, you guys would have been on your knees ready to welcome him.

  • ANtoinew8

    I love how everyone’s jumping on Allen Iverson for some reason, saying he’s a has been, and is selfish, and can’t play anymore.(I’m not an Iverson lover, but i’m going to defend him in this case)
    First off, I’ll give you the selfish part i guess from the above statement(but what great player isn’t selfish: see Kobe, LeBron, etc. . . for example)
    Secondly, It wasn’t iverson’s fault that he was put in a horrible situation last year with Detroit. THey didn’t want him from the start, they only wanted his expiring contract, and so it wasn’t a good fit at all.(And knowing Joe Dumars, he probably lied to Iverson and told him he’d get starters minutes coming in)
    Thirdly, Yes Iverson threw a fit when he didn’t want to come off the bench, but who would want to after having just been scoring lights out in Denver showing he still is a star, and also knowing you’re a better player than Rip Hamilton(although not for the way the Pistons usued to play)
    Lastly, Iverson was a scapegoat last year for the Piston’s woeful season. But it wasn’t his fault. He’s still a great player, the Pistons just had an awful coach. And once you get rid of your captain on a team, that signals to the players that are left that the organization has given up on the season, so they gave up too. Iverson wasn’t the reason the Pistons stunk last year, the departure of billups was. Iverson is still a great player if put in the right situation. I look at him as this era’s dominique Wilkins. A great scorer, but not much else, so if there are no teams out there looking for a number one scorer(which there weren’t this year) he was left out in the cold. That’s the situation. Stop bashing Iverson, it was working with him in Denver just fine when the situation was right.
    Sorry for such a long post.

  • Nick

    I said it first and I’ll say it again, Mephis Grizzlies will make the playoffs this year. U all know the roster and I know they have a history of being selfish players, but they will deff get into the 8th seed in my opinion. adding A.I and ZachRandolph to Mayo,Gay and Conley is a nice core for a 1 year run, don’t forget they have Thabeet and Gasol who are both solid role players. Former Uconn great Marcus Williams is there also and he’s rededicated. then u got 2 greatly skilled forwards who are both young…Darrel Arthur and Sam Young. Yess they will make the postseason I garuntee it..They are light-years ahead of the wolves,kings and clippers. Can we really say Oklahoma City, Golden State, or Pheonix are better than them.. Thtas right the Grizz are in and will probably face L.A in the 1st round

  • Hey, you can have your opinion.
    AI had a nice run for a few years in Philly.. but that was it as far as carrying a team.
    I think what happened in Denver spoke volumes. Take him off, replace him with Billups, and suddenly we’re looking at a MUCH better team. That should tell you something.

  • jason

    and lose in four games.

  • love Allen wherever you are, we will always be on your side.. just keep going.
    we expect more of you just as yourself do.

  • Same here eronne! I think AI is more mature now compared to his early years in the NBA. But, as I can see, Memphis is a no team. Not just because it is one of the least team in the NBA but because it belongs to a division where competition is very high. West are full stronger team. I bet, they can’t even step to the playoffs this year.