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And with the first pick, Chuck McKenney selects…

So Chuck snagged the first pick in the most epic draft ever.  Now the pressure is on.  Which all-time Celtics great will he pick?  I've got an inside source that couldn't give me the name of Chuck's pick… but could tell me that it rhymes with Shmalaa Shmabdelnaby.

You're going to have to check in with our live draft/chat starting at 9pm to see how this all goes down.

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  • Chuck your are going to issues on the glass. your team is way to small you have no answer for Mchale None. Loved your first 2 picks and then awful until PP then you went gaurd crazy loved reading it take care guys I will give my NFL Lock on Sat

  • Lee in Oregon

    That was fun, alot of surprises….I guess it’s a stats driven thing….but Dino Radja? hard to see his name on that list, and Ainge for that matter….when Bill Redhead, Paul Westphal, K.C., even Paul Silas all getting left out.
    Thanks guys! John’s team looks better to me on paper…I like Russ & McHale up front, Lewis on the wing, and Cousy & JoJo in the backcourt. McHale (pre- ankle injury) can guard any of Chuck’s bigs. Can u imagine bringing Tiny & Chief in as your 1st guys off the bench?! peace!

  • Thanks,
    That’s the thing with simulations. If everyone showed up in his prime and was magically available, KC and Silas would probably be in there. But when someone like Radja comes up with a 20/10 season, it’s hard to ignore.
    And you look at that season Ainge had, he was shooting in the high 40’s percentage-wise and he put up almost 16 pts and 7 assists. I think that’s nice coming off the bench.
    Bottom line, it’s a good debate. I love that some of the younger guys one the site are now looking up the stats of guys like Ed Macauley and realizing what Celtics history has to offer.

  • BigMck

    KG can’t guard McHale?

  • never ever ever