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I guess this is Marbury’s way of retiring

I don't see any other way to interpret this tweet.

is just a game. I will say it again. 14 years 250 million. Hold that.
I'm good.. Thank you jesus for the blessing. Thanks NBA

Stephon Marbury made a quarter of a BILLION dollars playing basketball.  Wow. Keep that number tucked away for later.

So with his apparent retirement… let's sit back and remember his last highlight:  His 12 4th quarter points in Game 5 against Orlando.

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  • I was at that game and remember thinking “man, he’s finally getting comfortable”..he was a huge reason why we came back and won that game-I’d be surprised if he out and out retired altogether-I see him as someone who just really loves the game alot & may go overseas, but who knows wtf he is thinking at this point…