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Tyronn Lue Still an Option….

Chuck - Red's Army September 7, 2009 Uncategorized 15 Comments on Tyronn Lue Still an Option….

Via Slam Online:

According to Greek media, Tyronn Lue had really interesting offer from Greek team Thessaloniki PAOK but he decided to spend another season in the NBA. Lue has won two NBA championships in his first three seasons.

Like many of the women John approached in college, Tyronn Lue is taking a pass on the Greek experience. So for now, we can keep Lue as an option for the backup point guard position.

In other news, Allen Iverson is scheduled to meet today with the Memphis Grizzlies. AI says he wants to help the Grizz develop into a winner. I didn't realize Iverson planned on playing another 10 years, because that's what it will take.

Enjoy the holiday…

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  • Alex

    Umm… I’ve been told that Tyronn Lue isn’t even that great of a PG. Why have this guy on the Celtics team?

  • Lex

    We have a starting point guard who can’t shoot all that well. Why have a back up that brings the same thing? Don’t we want someone behind Rondo who can shoot?

  • celdicks
  • celdicks
  • Lue isn’t my 1st, 2nd or 3rd option…I’m just saying he’s an option as a veteran backup

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’ve been trying to sell Bobby Jackson for weeks….(that old guy can shoot).
    Ty hasnt played significant minutes in YEARS.

  • Typical… laughing at a guy’s injury.
    Hope you tear an ACL too. Just know that I’ll be somewhere… laughing at you.

  • nick

    I actually think the West isn’t any good this year after the top 5or6, the Grizz led by Randolph,Mayo,Gay and A.I will make the postseason, thats my bold prediction don’t forget they have got 3 solid young players Gasol,Conley and Thabeet who will be given some time to develop, they also have former Uconn great Marcus Williams, this team has a shit load of ball hogs but I think they are gona get the 8th seed in the West

  • WOW..do you know anything about basketball?? You honestly think that the grizz are going to get a playoff spot in the WEST. WOW. simply WOW.

  • Lex

    Lee in Oregon, now we’re communicating on sombebody else’s blog. Funny.

  • Lex

    Hey RA, you should be proud. I now get hate email from your Laker trolls. You’ve cranked it up a notch. At least on my site, the faker fans keep their hazing to me.

  • Awesome. Nothing like hate from the trolls to get your juices flowing

  • Nick knows alot about basketball actually-a real lot..

  • BTW, this thing was taken WAY out of proportion. On a slow day, Chuck just posted something that pertains to our lack of a true, back-up PG. As usual, trolls (morons is probably a more accurate word) attack like only they can. I personally am on the Bobby Jackson train if it comes down to him or Lue. Marbury is going to have to make some decisions quickly too. Yeah, I know, he ate Vaseline, he’s crazy, blah blah. But if it’s between him, the 36 yr old Jackson or Lue, Marbury is the obivous choice if you want a true PG back-up (and he’s already familiar w/the system).

  • bballer4life

    Tyronn Lue would be a great addition to the Boston Celtics.