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Marquis Daniels should rent, not buy

We don't know what Marquis Daniels is going to give us here in Boston this year.  But whatever he gives us… be sure to take notes… because it doesn't look like he'll be here for long.  At least, that's what Danny Ainge thinks

“I think it’s rare. Your earning potential is a short career. But I
think that Marquis is a pretty bright kid and I think he understands
that a good year with our team this year could really catapult him into
a better circumstance than where he’s coming out as a free agent right
now. Even though he could make more money somewhere else right now, I
think that if he has a great year here he could make a lot more money
somewhere else (next year).”

Should be interesting to see who'll wear #7 in the 2010 season.  You can spin this one of two ways: 

1:  Danny is taking this year-to-year filling of holes things a little too far… which will end up hurting us down the road.  We're not really planning for much of a future.  At some point, we've got to start filling in pieces for down the line.

2:  Danny is a genius for taking a starter-calibur player and putting him in a full-fledged "contract year" situation.  The window to win is now… we'll worry about later when later comes around.

I'm on #2's side.  I'll be happy to deal with next year over the next offseason. 

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  • GG

    do you guys know where is training camp this year??

  • Next week i will bring you my NFL lock of the weeK bet and drink hevey my friends

  • JoePD

    Holy crap! Did you guys know that Greg Dickerson got a Championship ring last year?
    How did that happen?

  • Lee in Oregon

    Next summer will be even busier…..Jesus, Scal, House, TA, Marquis, Shelden, all non restricted….Rondo is restricted. Ray will take the hometown discount and the C’s can resign Rondo and go after 2nd tier and lesser role players again. Guys like Marquis might find next years market quite similiar to this years as the cap drops and more teams lose money. Boston is one of the few places I didnt see ALOT of empty seats this past year.
    Let’s hope Danny can handle the aging and eventual loss of the current Big 3 better than previous management did with Bird & Co….that was a long 22 years….”and I don’t think Brian Shaw, Brad Lohaus, and Mark Acres are walking through that door anytime soon!”

  • RTroy

    Camp is in Newport, RI starting September 26

  • Edgar

    I am all in with No.2
    thanks for the article
    Go Cs.