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Minny hoarding PG’s, others fleeing the country

While it was nice to see Marquis Daniels in town yesterday, the C's still have a hole at back up point guard…. blah blah blah…

Ramon sessions While we drag this story line out for the last few weeks of this deadly-slow stretch of offseason, Minnesota is hoarding point guards. This time, the Wolves signed Ramon Sessions to a 4-year, $16 million offer sheet (which Milwaukee can decide to match).

Assuming the Bucks don't match, the T'Wolves will have Sessions, Jonny Flynn, Chucky Atkins and Bobby Brown on their roster… and they'll hold the rights to Ricky Rubio until he decides to come to the NBA.  

So while the Timberwolves target every point guard under the sun… guys that the Celtics might be turning to are applying for visas.  The Lue orlando word is that Tyronn Lue is headed to (where else) Greece to play for PAOK (via SLAM).  Olympiakos must have run out of spots for NBA players.  PAOK is one of their rivals... so we're really starting to see these Greek teams load up on NBA players just to stay competitive with one another.  And that means that there are fewer of them around to fill out our roster. 

So let's hope 'Quisy can really handle some of the PG load… or Lester Hudson can step up.        

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  • Who knows what Danny will do with Lester Hudson. I know he’s a rook and all, but if you look at his stats from last year, my man gets his assists and steals. He seems like a hustling type who is all over whomever he’s guarding. I really think the C’s are going to take a hard look at him in camp and preseason and debate on rotating him and Eddie House as back-up PG’s for now. Either that, or if they feel they HAVE to sign an experienced PG before Opening Night, maybe they will grab Bobby Jackson (who’s 36…).

  • El Zorro

    The C’s need an experienced PG that could start in case of a prolonged injury to Rondo. If that were to happen, neither Eddie House(really a SG), Marquis (plays three positions and not a PG specialist) or the rookie Lester Hudson (more of a shoot first PG and inexperienced) could handle that immense task. I think the C’s should go after Carlos Arroyo before some other team gets him. Arroyo is having a terrific FIBA tournament in San Juan. Take a look at the FIBA stats, and watch the final two games left this weekend. Arroyo’s playing is just amazing, both offensively and defensively!

  • Jon

    count me as someone who’s happy Lue is off the board. I’ve never liked him and didn’t want to see his name in green.

  • Thanks Zorro-great feedback and great points-It seems Arroyo is really the
    only true PG of the bunch, and Bobby Jackson
    the next closest thing..

  • I would never want Tyronn Lue in Celtics green….. he’s a girl.