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Ricky Rubio is afraid of big boy basketball

Rubio You can't blame the Timberwolves now. 

David Kahn took Ricky Rubio at his word… that he wanted to come to the NBA.  But when push came to shove… after all the strings were pulled and the hoops jumped-through… Ricky Rubio screwed them.

"Going to Minnesota would have just complicated my life a lot. It
was a risk and I didn’t see it so clearly," Rubio said. "My priority
was the NBA and it was impossible for the Minnesota Timberwolves to pay
my buyout clause, so I wanted to stay home."

Oh… boo hoo.  It would have complicated your life.  You mean playing in the NBA and living the supposed dream you have?  And that part about not being able to pay the buyout:

Kahn said Rubio's agent, Dan Fegan, delivered a package of endorsement
deals and sponsorships that helped make the NBA deal attractive enough
for Rubio and Joventut to enter into an agreement on Saturday night.Rubio says the deal came with too many obstacles… even though it's his agent that drew up the deal. 

The TWolves took a chance on this kid… and they finally worked out a deal to bring him to the NBA.  But when push came to shove… he got scared.  Hey… it's his prerogative.  You don't have to play where you don't want to, Ricky.  Just don't say something and do something else.  Don't back out because you don't like the team that drafted you.  That's part of the deal.  It's the same deal everyone else makes.  In exchange for making it to the big time, you might have to play somewhere you don't want to play.  You think Blake Griffin is psyched going to the Clippers? 

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  • Alex

    Rubio is 18.
    You can’t blame him for coming up with this immature crap.
    But yeah, TWolves really did get screwed over.

  • el_txarlie

    Afraid??? Playing in a profesional league since was 15, playing the olympics against Paul, Bryant, Wade…with 17 turn to 18??
    Are u kidding. Where was Paul with 15, 16, 17…???And now you want Ricky play the NBA for free, Without earning nothing because of the transactions law of the NBA for foreign players. Ask Shaq or Garnett or Kobe if the want play like that. Hypocrite.

  • Zutroy

    What a simplistic article.
    He is not afraid, he simply doesn’t want to work for free the next 2 years when he can be in his hometown making a lot of money, and then come to the NBA in 2011 without having to pay an abusive buyout.
    Sincerely, would you work for free? No. Then why blame Rubio for not wanting to do it either?

  • Work for free? He’s going to get paid the same way any other rookie gets paid.
    What work will he do for free? Some endorsements? Big friggin deal. Standing in front of a TV camera for a couple of hours just so he can play in the NBA isn’t exactly hard work.
    If I wanted to go somewhere and get paid MILLIONS of dollars… I’d do some of that side stuff no problem. Don’t throw that “work for free” shit at me. He’d be getting paid pretty nicely.

  • Jon

    The T’Wolves retain his rights as long as he keeps playing professionaly, so I don’t think it screws them that bad if he actually improves and makes an impact when he gets here. They aren’t making the playoffs in the next 2 years anyway. If he pulls something shady to get out of going to Minny then I’ll admit he’s a d’bag. For now I’ll just root for Johnny Flynn to do well in the hopes that Al Jefferson won’t kill himself from playing for such a bad team.

  • KY Celts fan

    I think Ricky is a spoiled brat, and I haven’t seen anything that impressive about him yet. yea, he can do that “spin the ball around his body” trick (which is traveling) but there is nothing really all that spectacular about him.
    I don’t think Minnesota got screwed here. They got another great point guard in Johnny Flynn, and now a nice trade chip in Rubio. Would anyone really blame Minnesota for trading their rights to this player for a proven 2 guard? Granted, if Minny had drafted Curry with that pick instead of Rubio, they would have a pretty talented and young starting lineup.

  • Two-Buck Chick

    It’s pretty obvious he’s a dink and a mama’s boy a la Eli Manning who lets his parents pull the strings. He didn’t want to put the big boy pants on.

  • Finn

    I think the big deciding factor in this whole thing for Rubio was Johnny Flynn. I believe that if they had taken Curry at the 6 pick Rubio would’ve been fine goin to Minnesota. Yea he’s been playin pro ball for years and has dreamed of playin in the NBA, which also means he doesn’t want to have to compete for minutes with another up-and-coming point guard. Maybe in 2011 he’ll have a different mindset or Johnny Flynn will be in a different uni, either way, sucks for the T-Wolves.

  • Scott

    Ironically, the rest of us big boys get to decide where we want to work. Going from Spain to Minnesota? No thank you.


    Ricky in the next three years in FcBarcelona will earn 3 million euros, add all the money from the sponsors including Nike who persuaded Barcelona to make the offer to Ricky.
    How much money would he have if he had choose Wolves and have to pay by himself de 6 million dollars? FcBarcelona pays this 6 millions to Joventut plus a salary to the player

  • I also don’t see anything so impressive about Ricky Rubio.Minn. can use him as bait for another player.I think he’s a guard that is souped up and will be a bust in the nba.

  • Honestly, Rubio acts very unprofessional. I’m not a T’wolves fan but I can feel the fans’ feelings really got hurt. Sorry to say, but you drafted a boy, not a player.

  • Sahuayo

    RIcky rubio is gay, hes afraid of competition and he sucks ballss… hes not playing as a star with barcelona and hes crying for the buyout.. after getting drafted he told the media that he would play free in the nba so he is a motherfucker