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Daniels To Cover Tats With #7 Jersey


Via the Celtics Twitter page:

Jersey update: Marquis Daniels will wear #7 for the Celtics this season…

WEEI.com's Jess Camerato spoke with Daniels' former teammate – Stephen Graham. Here's how Graham describes Daniels' game:

“Marquis has got a funny odd-type game because he's always been, even
since high school when we played against him, he doesn't do anything
really fast, he doesn't do anything really slow. His game looks kind of
nonchalant but it's really effective, more like a slashing, mid-range
game,” Graham said. “He's got really long arms and he's really good at
anticipating, so he's got quick hands and he's good at anticipating
where the defense is going to move. He's not an overall strong guy but
he's got like a wiry strength to him, so he's kind of deceptive. You
won't think that he's as strong as he looks.”

On playing the point:

“He's pretty vocal. He's not a solidified point guard, he's a
multi-position player, but he's just as loud as any other point guard
that you'd play with and he can see the floor just as well as any other
point guard that you would play against. He's one of those tweener guys
who can play the point, shooting guard, and small forward. He
definitely has a high IQ and is probably one of the better passers I've
seen playing and as a slasher as well.”
More pics of Daniels' tattos after the jump.

Those Chinese symbols are supposed to represent his initials, but according to Marquis' Hoopedia profile, they stand for "healthy, woman, roof."


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  • when healthy, he was Indianas 2nd best player last season…what is larry bird even thinking? Danny Granger called MArquis his wingman, his must trustworthy teammate and wingman…makes no sense to replace him with Dahntay Jones

  • Lee in Oregon

    Did he lose the “chick-hair”? If so, that’s good news….guys with “chick-hair” like Mikki Moore & Never Nervous don’t look good in the green.
    To the guy (bitter Mav’s fan?) who said Marquis in a “cancer”…u dont know shit so stop acting like u do.

  • I didn’t know he was from Orlando.

  • Lex
  • I bleed green in L.A.

    So were still stuck with Tony and Scal?
    Off topic, how about Redsarmy putting on a Fantasy Football league? I know this is a Celtics fansite, but were all sports fanatics in general im sure. Just a thought?

  • from sg

    the first 2 chinese words do mean health and woman individually, as for the 3rd. it doesnt look like roof. hahaa. but does anyone care?