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What to do with the open roster spot?

Chuck was holding his newborn son in his arms when news broke that Marquis Daniels was coming to Boston.  Today, as Daniels prepares to sign, Chuck will help his son move into his dorm as he starts his first year at Emerson College. 

Get what I'm saying?

This has taken a while.

And by the end of the day, the Celtics will have filled all but one of their roster spots to the tune of an $84.2 million payroll.  So what should the C's do with their open spot?

1. Find a back up for Rondo

That's been the on-going story this offseason.  We're still without one.  And depending on who you listen to, the C's are either all set with Daniels or screwed if they don't sign someone now.  Like now – now.

2. Leave it open

If Daniels is really going to handle some of the back up PG duties, why not wait to see how it works out?  What's it going to hurt?  What's the worst that can happen… the C's lose a couple of meaningless October games?  Big deal.  It's not like people are rushing to sign Tyronn Lue anyway.  Someone is going to be available.

It's interesting to note the lack of anyone jumping at an expiring contract in a sign-and-trade.  As was noted on Indy Cornrows:

In the current economic climate in the NBA, it comes as no surprise
that the Pacers and Celtics couldn't entice a third team into the
negotiations. Unfortunately, cash and picks are more valuable right now
than living, breathing NBA players. Sad but true.

So to say the Celtics haven't been affected by the economy because they are big spenders this offseason is wrong.  They're just being affected differently.  They're stuck with contracts that used to be trade-able… and they're stuck with very little roster flexibility.  Now Danny's going to have to get REAL creative with how he handles that last open spot.

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  • Does anyone hava a compilation of what PG’s are realistically available? Heck, how much would Starbury cost at this point? He seems motivated for coming back and to me the whole streaming thing isn’t that big a deal. The biggest reason not to would be if the videos have made him unpopular among the other players.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Lester! Lester! Lester! Lester!

  • AMP

    Gosh, those videos were a lovefest! I’d like to see him back, but I doubt it…

  • thetitleisours

    Good news on Daniels but a bummer we could not unload TA. Would have liked that spot so that a backup PG AND Hudson could be signed. Now it looks like Hudson will go to Europe.
    I do not expect a PG signing until VERY late. DA wants to see what drops off other rosters before the season begins as someone better than what is available now could be there. So quiet now until Preseason

  • BigMck

    Forget Marbury. There’s no chance. He screwed himself.

  • i think they should just sign Lester Hudson ato a 2 year contract the second at the Celtics option and go form their. He is mature fits the Celtics new mold of having players who understand adversity and won’t wilt under pressure ala Starbury, Mikki moore and Sam Cassell. If he has to much growing pains we always have Quisy, House or Ray-Ray. We would use Ray as a last resort of course. Rondo doesn’t need a veteran backup Doc is there to help him with that. Besides this kid has been through every stage of running the gamut to an NBA championship. He understands pressure and with last years experience of Doc giving him the keys to the Ferrari, he will be that much better. Bring in Lester and let him develop. He can score and play defense something House cannot do.

  • michael

    Our best option for the win-now mentality is Carlos Arroyo. This guy is no joke and will give us the best 2nd unit in NBA (at least offensively). If Hudson is going to Europe, fine. I’m sure C’s execs can maintain some kind of relations with the guy and see what happens. Hudson cannot be a regular if Rondo goes down. Big ??? how Marquis would do at point. NO WAY on House, though I am so glad we resigned him as he is our CLOSER extraordinare ala Papelbon for Red Sox.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I think the wait & see approach is a dis-service to whoever they eventually signed. Didn’t work with Starbury and barely worked with SamIAm. Get Lue or Arroyo or Bobby Jackson or whoever in now so they learn the system and keep the rust off. I dont think Danny agrees though.
    The thing about Daniels playing the point is kinda over-rated….he did that for Nelly for afew weeks and it was like 5 years ago. He’s not a point guard, just a guy who can handle the ball…a al Paul Pierce. Anything Nelly thinks of is generally just a stupid idea or a plea for attention.
    Starbury has no chance of playing in the NBA again. Forget about it. I think if Hudson were the answer they might as well have kept Gabe Pruitt around.
    Anyone besides me slighyly pissed at Larry Bird for not doing us a solid as far as a sign & trade w/ Marquis Daniels? Kevin McHale practically was MVP 2 years ago…..Larry coulda been cool and opened up a roster spot for us….it’s not like Indy is going anywhere anytime soon.