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Doc’s son has serious game

That's Austin Rivers… as in Doc Rivers' kid who is currently going INTO his junior year in HIGH SCHOOL. 

Yikes.  No wonder Florida wanted to lock him up after his freshman year.

(Via Loy's Place)

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  • michael

    sweet vid! Can he be our backup PG?!

  • zippittyay

    and maybe he can tutor Rondo on that jump shot…..

  • rvr

    exactly what i was thinking! his moves remind me a bit of rondo’s, but he’s got a real nice jumper and more hops. sign him!

  • Lee in Oregon

    he’s already better than his brother at Georgetown, and travels at an NBA level!

  • pemma

    can he dish the ball?

  • Jared

    This man is awesome! hope the celtics could draft him someday (if the celtics at that time sucks and rivers is the celtics gm):)

  • joe

    Isn’t this always the way with sibling basketball players, the older son who played at G’town a few years ago and now is at Indiana i believe is a bum, and this kid is a monster. (see other examples of this with DWade, L.Barbosa, T.Battie, Brent Barry, Blake Griffen, etc. . .)I hope we snag him in the draft when he comes out. Maybe he’ll have a slumping freshman year in college and doc will tell him to come out so we can snag him late in the first round or early second.

  • michael

    how about he just not declare for draft, then we sign him as undrafted free agent? I know there must be rules against this, but c’mon, every kid deserves a chance to play for Dad. We get Rivers, the Clips can have Dunleavy, Nuggets get Coby Karl, and Orlando gets little Ewing. While we’re at it, what other potential father-son combos are out there? Or we can go the Alyssa Milano drooling contest route

  • He’s got a funky release like his old man had.

  • Ellis

    Seen him play at the Rucker in NYC. Very solid kid has a great attitude and a good understanding of the game. Rondo coached his team at the park, while in warm ups Austin was trying to shake Rajon while he defended him, of course Rondo had no problem stealing the ball, it was hilarious. Doc was there also to watch him play.