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The Celtics are a stylish bunch

Pierce ray kg

At least Ball Don't Lie thinks so.  Kelly Dwyer put the C's at the top of the list of NBA uniforms.

It's green and white. When they're at home, they wear white.
When they play on the road, they wear green. It looks fantastic, and it's been
around for about a trillion years. Or 63 years. Whatever. Basic is good,
classic is good, and 17 championships help.

Kg green and gold I love the simplicity of our uniforms.  But I also like the alternate jersey's they've come up with… the green-and-gold St. Patrick's Day uni's in particular.  We all knew the Celtics would put out an alternate jersey because it's such a huge money-maker.  But they did it in a way that preserves the simplicity of the original uni. 

So far, though, the 2 alternate jersey's have been green.  I wonder if they're going to unveil something in white sometime soon.  Maybe a white with gold lettering/numbering?

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  • White and gold without green? Seems to me that there should be some green around there… I agree about our uniforms being the nicest though. Other than us, I’d say the sixers, the bobcats, the spurs, the rockets and the trailblazers are neat as well. Among the ugly ones the knicks, the warriors, the lakers and the magic come to mind. The Warriors are probably the worst.

  • There would probably be Green trim in there.

  • Thomberto

    I loved the uniforms they wore in Italy 2 years ago. Would love to see them again.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    That is a great photo of the PP, KG, and Ray. Great shot.