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File Under: No Chance in Hell

Chuck - Red's Army August 31, 2009 Uncategorized 4 Comments on File Under: No Chance in Hell

ESPN assigned a crew of writers/reporters/editors to forecast which team LeBron James would play for in 2010 and beyond. While a majority selected Cleveland, one idiot staffer picked the Celtics:

And one hunch has King James in Celtic green, which is theoretically possible: Boston could give LeBron a max contract if Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo walked (or were renounced by the Celtics). In that case, though, LeBron might be wondering if "anything is possible," even if Kevin Garnett is still around.

I'm no salary cap expert, but why would the Celtics need to wipeout two max contracts and Rondo's money to sign James? 

And there's the obvious question – Why the hell would LBJ come here, if all those guys are leaving?

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  • That’s exactly my point with all these other teams who are keeping cap space open. Why would a stud player go to a place where he has to rebuild? It’d be one thing if he’s on a shitty team, but he’s not.
    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… no scenario other than LeBron staying in Cleveland makes sense.

  • they wouldnt have to renounce there rights to rondo, he’ll only count as 2 mil against the cap until he resigns/leaves/the c’s renounce his rights, the smart money is on the resign
    so if the C’s renounce pierce and allen, let scal, tony, eddie and sheldon they will be left with a total of around 36 mil on the payroll, and a roster of rasheed, kg, rondo, jr, perk, bill, and big baby
    that leaves around 22 mil to offer the king, not that its going to happen, im just saying
    then danny would have to use vets min and draft picks to fill out the roster (we would be without the mle and lle)

  • Nick

    Fuck Lebron he’s a little diva bitch. I want to keep our core intact. People are acting like the big 3 will just deteriorate at a moments notice with no warning and no signs first. I want the starting 5 Sheed Baby and Daniels to be our 8 man core. Mix and match from there. Pierce will be a fucking LION this season and all I know is all the so called experts that are on Kobe and Lebron and Dwade’s cocks better start showing Pierce his respect, kuz when the chips are down and when the game is on the line Pierce is the best player in the NBA, ask Kobe what the Truth is all about. He might recall the domination and shut down defense Pierce put on his COCKY, RAPIST, ARROGANT self during the Finals. True story

  • Sophomore

    Even for the off-season, that’s weak. Terrible fit for everybody involved.