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Baby: “It’s the perfect situation”

Glen davis 2 We've been wondering just how Glen Davis was going to get the minutes he's used to now that he's back with the C's.  Apparently, he's not concerned.  Either that, or he's learning to say the right thing.

"The situation with the Celtics worked out perfectly," said Davis
yesterday after throwing out the first pitch in the Lowell Spinners'
3-1 win over the Brooklyn Cyclones. "Sometimes timing isn't right. But
the timing was right to come back to the Celtics. It's the perfect

But the offseason was not an easy one for Big Baby.

"It was tough," he said. "You really understand the difference between
being with an organization and business. I found out the rough way how
things are. But I respect that.

"The tough part is just waiting and feeling discouraged about if the team wanted me or not. That was a big problem."

And here's his take on other teams' interest

"A lot of teams were interested," he said. "But with the (salary) cap,
teams didn't want to spend money. Things didn't work out the way we
thought with trades and a few things. But, in the end, things worked
out perfectly."

I'm really wondering whether he'll say the same thing at the end of the season.  I'm very curious about how Doc is going to use Baby this season.  I'm also curious whether Chuck is going to cry about what Baby says about the Steelers in the last paragraph of that linked piece.  My guess is… yes.

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  • I feel as though he’s been saying all the right things all along with the celtics, not just learning how to now

  • thetitleisours

    Baby will be great. He is still hungry for the big paycheck and is looking at these two years to satisfy that desire
    There will be enough nagging injuries to keep him with plenty of minutes

  • infinitineloveh2o

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