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Amare Stoudemire really isn’t very likeable


There are certain things you don't really find out about other players in the league when you live more than half a country away.  At first with Amare Stoudemire… you saw "S.T.A.T."  You looked at him as Phoenix's franchise player. 

Then you started to notice that for a big guy, he's not really grabbing as many rebounds as you might expect… or playing the kind of defense you might think a guy of that physical ability could play.

And then he starts talking… starting with something like this:

"This might be my farewell tour, huh?" Stoudemire said. "If so, I'm going out with a bang, baby."

And following it up with:

"They call me 'Sun Tzu,' " Stoudemire said. "That's what they call me
nowadays. The methods I use from the ancient general, Sun Tzu, is the
leadership method. I feel like using that will help my leadership and
help us to get over the hump. I'm going to apply those tactics and
those rules to how we're going to approach battle and win."

By "they", Amare means "I".  He's calling himself Sun Tzu nowadays… because he read "The Art of War" and he was inspired by it.  I read it too… and it is inspiring.  And if you really get the message, you know that it's not all about you.  Sun Tzu didn't go around giving himself nicknames.  He provided a blueprint for how to be a leader and win battles.  What has Stoudemire lead Phoenix to?  Nothing.  And he won't.   

Stoudemire has been making an ass of himself this whole offseason.  It's really disappointing.  And now because he can't get the simple message behind a timeless work, he's going to make a bigger ass of himself.

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  • This isn’t very surprising. For him to think he can lead any team to anything is foolish. It is a little like Iverson’s demeanor and it has gotten them nothing!

  • I agree that his nickname is a little iffy, but I’ve also read that Amare has been instrumental in getting most of the Suns to return early to the practice facilities. If that’s the case, maybe “The Art of War” has inspired him in more ways than just his new nickname. I’ve never heard Amare mentioned as a leader before, so maybe he’s starting to mature and take on an expanded leadership role.

  • immy-jam

    i feel sorry 4 u guys who don¨t cee him play often…….
    the reporters don¨t give him the credit he should because of the pretty boy (who cant¨t play D) nash……
    hope he laves them sorry ass phx
    he will end up with the lakers phil jackson loves this guy

  • timmy


  • james

    End up at the lakers?? How would they get the money for that dont be dumb. I hope Amare has changed and does really well, but i think he needs to lose a little more before he realizes hes a small part of a bigger picture if he plans on getting a ring. I’d love for him to humble up and play as a second option say with Dwayne wade or something like that