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This is why he’s called “Larry Legend”

Our boy Jared Wade dropped this gem on Both Teams Played Hard last week.  Larry Bird scored 47 in this game, mostly left-handed.  Oh, and he also finished with a triple double, the game tying shot in regulation and the game winning shot in OT.  And I’m pretty sure he inspired this movie scene.


If you haven’t seen “The Princess Bride”…  OR Larry Bird play… then I’m sorry for the gaping void in your life.  I’m not even sure Stephen Hawking could figure out the forces of that kind of black hole.  I say hit up Netflix and YouTube pronto before it crushes your soul.

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  • with out a dout a top ten film of all time right up there with tombstone pulp ficton and shawshank. Man loved big bill on the flour with the chief i remember watching that game with my dad. funny thing is i watched bird dropped 49 on the blazers in 91 (side note ali aabdelnby was a starter that game . really happy with clips keep it up!!!!!sorry for typos and missspells i am drunk

  • look how effortless he made those game tying and winning shots. man, he could have dropped 80 at a random game, if he tried hard. bird at ’86 is the best player of all time.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    We all know is the best movie of all-time, so let’s stick with basketball.