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Will Carlos Arroyo Be Our Back-up Point Guard?



According to several sources, Arroyo, represented by Leon Rose, is
in talks to join either the Boston Celtics or the Milwaukee Bucks.
However, both teams told ESPN.com's Chris Sheridan that they have had
no contact whatsoever with Arroyo or his representatives.

Saturday, El Nuevo Dia, a newspaper out of Puerto Rico, reported that
Arroyo was close to signing a deal with the Chicago Bulls. According to
the report, the agreement would be for one season and $1 million.

Many of you may be askingwho the hell is Carlos Arroyo? He's a 6-2, 30-year old point guard who has played for 5 teams (Tor, Den, Utah, Det, Orl) in his 7-year NBA career. His career averages:

7 ppg, 3 apg, 43% FG, 31% 3 FG, 80% FT

Last season, he jumped overseas and played for Maccabi Tel Aviv. He averaged 14 ppg, 4 apg. Sounds like a serviceable back-up to me.

Arroyo says he won't reveal any more about his future plans until the FIBA tourney concludes (Sept 6th).

(hat tip Celtics Blog)

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  • bostonstrangler

    Arroyo will need a serious makeover if he wants to play with Boston…
    He was a “me first” type of guy with Tel Aviv, always going to the hoop without looking for the pass, which cost them a whole lot of points. Take his Tel Aviv stats very lightly!

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I’ve never been a big fan of his personality, but I think his game is pretty good. When he does pass, it’s usually on the mark, and he can knock down a shot.
    He played very well against the USA team in the World Games.

  • JD

    At this point, if Rondo gets injured, we’re fucked, because there’s nobody out there. But I’ll take this guy to come in and play 10-15 minutes a game so Rondo isn’t burnt out by the end of the season.

  • I agree about his game. I think this could be good.

  • Very true my friend! Arroyo is playing in the FIBA America’s Championship taking place in San Juan Puerto Rico from August, 26 to Sept., 6. After three games played Arroyo has been outstanding! So far he looks like the best PG in that tournament, he leads in almost every stat category except rebounds, lol! He would be a great acquisition to back up Rondo. Arroyo’s allegedly bad reputation has no real factual support at all, except the Sloan incident back in 2004 after Arroyo (23 at the time) and the Puertorican national team defeated the USA “Dream Team” in Athens. Take a look at the FIBA stats for the current tournament taking place in San Juan:

  • PxFunk


  • thetitleisours

    If DA wants him I would trust the move. Hope we can then drop TA and sign Hudson to play in the D-League for awhile

  • I don’t know about that, Tel Aviv was the champion with Arroyo playing for them…

  • Sophomore

    In the NBA, his assist-to-turnover ratio was about 2.5 to 1, which is good enough for me.
    If he can get the ball up against pressure and avoid being a total liability on D, he’s perfect. Any offensive creativity is a bonus.

  • Angery Turk aka ssshady35

    I remember him from Detroit and he did a good job for them.
    Im sure he’ll find out his roll real fast if he was to sign with us. I think he would be a good back up to Rondo but for some reason I thought he was younger than he is.

  • michael

    I also was surprised by his age. I remember using this guy on and off the waiver wire for my fantasy squad back in 03/04 when he was with Utah. He was great, but usually limited to like 25 minutes because of freakin Raul Lopez. Man, if it wasn’t for that guy getting in the way, I would’ve crushed the competition by being the first in my league to discover CARLOS ARROYO!
    Fun Fact: The 3rd string PG that year for Utah was rookie Mo Williams (whom I did not pick up off the waiver wire in case you were wondering).
    AND, Utah had four players on their roster that year who at some point during their careeers played for the celtics. Can you name them?
    At some point we need to make investments in the future beyond Rondo and Perk. I would take Arroyo over Hudson for this year in a second, but not sure he presents any kind of long term solution. On the other hand, $1 mil is a steal if that’s fo real.

  • NBA Mind

    Danny has the call, Celtics Fan wants Arroyo. Clearly on the FIBA Tournament he was the best PG, and for the Celtics team he will be a real good fit. Rondo should benefit of Carlos Arroyo international experience, since not all things in the basketball happen at the NBA, like everybody thinks. Look this year at Kobe, Wade and Lebron, they win the Olympic Gold Medal, against a very good team of Spain, and now they had no doubts in their minds that they are the best basketball players of the planet, they just dominate the NBA League like no other year.

  • joey

    One of the best pg in the world. I love the celtics, #1

  • He now signed for the Miami Heat. He is a good player but I don’t think Miami Heat really need him right now.