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HoopsWorld is Setting the Bar Ridiculously Low

HoopsWorld puts out some questionable content, but its latest offering has me scratching my head. Writer Luke Byrnes lays out "what is reasonable to expect from each team in
the NBA for the upcoming campaign and examine what would classify as a
failure for each squad.

The Boston Celtics season would be a bust if…  The
Celtics fail to secure home court advantage in the first round of the
playoffs.  I'm sure Celtics fans think I'm selling this team short but
the Eastern Conference is becoming increasingly more competitive and
the Celtics are progressively more fragile with age.  Boston is capable
of winning a second NBA title in three years but durability is a
concern for a team whose "Big Three" of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and
Paul Pierce have played a combined 3037 games in their careers.  If the
Celtics hope to challenge for the Eastern Conference crown again in
2010, it will require the health of Allen, Garnett and Pierce.

Home court in the first round equates to landing the 4th seed. Is this guy freakin' serious?

Anything short of a seven game series in the Eastern conference finals constitutes failure in my eyes.

Is it me, or is he over emphasizing the age/injury concerns? I am so sick of hearing about this crap.

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  • This guy has a great point. Think about it for a second. This team is one KG/Pierce injury away from being just about as good as the bulls (as seen last post season) who were an 7th seed last year. 7th seed!!! Either of those guys goes down for an extended part of the season the C’s are toast and could drop below the 4th seed – any true celtics fan can recognize that.

  • if the celtics would have had Rasheed last year they could have challenged the lakers for the championship without KG, the way i see it we have the best frontline in the entire league and no one else is a close second, a top 5 to 7 point guard in the league now, two clutch scorers coming off the wing and the best defensive team in the bar none:
    Anything but a ring is a bust this year, we’re the boston celtics
    My biggest concern for this year is still the truth’s backup, am i alone on this? especially since there has been a lot of speculation that quisy is going to play the backup point
    we desperately need ample rest time for pierce (and ray to an extent) next year, and unless jr or walker gets there playing time bumped up i dont see marquis playing enough to take both pauls and rays minutes down to where i think a lot of us would like to see them
    ps. what are the chances danny goes after stephen jackson? i think he has to at least make the call, he would be a great backup for this team right now and a hell of an insurance policy to take over paul or rays role if Godforbid one of them did get injured

  • gotta agree with being completly and utterly sick of hearing about the age/injury concerns for this team…its all we have heard since the day danny put this team together, its been way overstated, way overexxagerated, and its just getting obnoxious.we dominated the league from start to finish in the first season, and KGs FIRSST SERIOUS INJURY OF HIS CAREER DERAILED US FROM DOMINATING IT FROM START TO FINISH LAST SEASON, and with no bench mind you
    we have 2 players 24 or under starting, both of whom are huge pieces to the puzzle, and as long as KG and Paul to stay healthy, we are much better then some of these “experts” think

  • oh and isnt every team at the risk of injury, age or not?
    lmao…so annoying

    I am so sick of these claims that the Celtics are destined for age/injury issues.
    Granted the Big Three are over 30 but they are complimented by Perk, Rondo, Davis and Walker – all under 25! They now have a formidable bench and had an early exit last season which ensured quality rest this off season.
    Any team is “fragile” to the injuries of their star players. Kobe has played in the Finals the last two seasons and the Olympics and is over 30. Doesn’t that equate to him being equally as fragile?
    How about the Cavs front line of Big Z, Shaq and Ben Wallace? No old, injury-prone and fragile?
    Absolutely ridiculous!

  • ALSO –
    Why doesn’t anyone ever mention that????

  • rpstar

    I think the Celtics finished fourth in the Eastern Conference… Maybe that wasn’t so ridiculous afterall, at least if you aren’t a Celtics homer.