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Lakers Success Hinges on Farmar, Bynum… Not Artest?

If the Lakers are going to repeat (typing those words makes me want to vomit), they are going to need a productive, stable season from Ron Artest, right?

Maybe, maybe not. Unless Ron-Ron goes absolutely loco, the Lakers success will largely depend on the production/evolution of Jordan Farmar and Andrew Bynum, according to ESPN's Ric Bucher and John Hollinger. (Warning – it's an Insider access only).

I understand why Bynum's development is critical. The oft-injured center has the potential to be a game-changing force in the paint. If he's dominating, the Lakers can win regularly when Odom, Artest and even Gasol are having off nights.

But Farmar? He's important because… Kobe Bryant is getting old.

First, the bad news: A declining free throw rate is a fairly ominous
canary in the coal mine, and Bryant is 31 years old with a lot of
mileage on his legs. For that reason, I don't think he'll match last
season's numbers.

They're right. The impending decline in Kobe's game doesn't get much attention, because when the topic of age and mileage comes up, the discussion gravitates to the Celtics roster. While they say Kobe's skills won't erode overnight, at least they admit it's a factor. (For those wondering, Bucher and Hollinger will provide the same analysis of the Celtics on September 8.)

In other news, ranks the Top 10 point guards. I'm guessing you'll be disappointed with Rondo's slot on the list. says KG is one of many players whose team success depends on their comeback.

For those who enjoy lists, Fox Sports has the Top 10 Stat Stuffers.

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  • thetitleisours

    Lets just hope they become unhinged so we do not have to listen to their trolls lol

  • That top 10 point guard list is pretty accurate. Rondo is not a top tier point guard, anybody with any ounce of basketball iq would know that. He had a couple good games in the playoffs – so what. Show me that consistently during the regular season and then you might be able to put him near the top of that list.

  • Nick

    That PG list fucking sucks, are u shitting me? Nash was better than Rondo 3 years ago, not anymore the dude can’t cover a corpse! He’s old white and slow gimme a fucking break. Harris and Rose aren’t better than Rondo either. Those 3 guys are all extremely close to each other and should be for years. I would say he’s tied with Rose but they are both better than Harris by a small margin. U gave to factor in that Rondo is a GREAT rebounder. better than all point guards and better than most 2 guards and small forwards. Chauncey Billups is better as some aspects of the fame than Rondo but he is really old and played like trash against L.A. Heading into this season this is how I would rank the NBA point guards.
    1.Chris Paul
    2.Derrick Rose
    3.Deron Williams
    4.Rajon Rondo
    5.Tony Parker
    6.Devin Harris
    7.Monta Ellis
    8.Baron Davis
    9.Russel Westbrook
    10.Steve Nash
    11.Aaron Brooks
    12.Gilbert Arenas
    13.Jameer Nelson
    14.Mo Williams
    15.Jose Calderon
    16. Jason Kidd
    17.Andre Miller
    11. Aaron Brooks

  • Shawn-cvd

    No Billips?!? He should crack your top 12… not a true point but a winner for sure who I’d rather have leading my team than mast of the cats on your list.

  • get off of rondos dick dude. hes a good point guard but he is certainly not great yet. nash has proven time and time again that hes a better point guard CONSISTENTLY through an entire season. you can’t take rondos one postseason performance and determine how good a player is – look at the facts bro they are right there in front of you.