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The Latest Non-News on Marquis Daniels

Via John Hollinger's chat on

Q. Who should the celts sign as back up PG?

JH: They
already have a deal with their guy, Marquis Daniels, they just haven't
inked yet because they're desperately trying to make it a sign and
trade. Daniels will play with House in the backcourt with the second
unit and they'll trade assignments on D.

So Hollinger likes Daniels at the point on offense, while covering the two-guard on the other end of the floor. If that's the case, who is spelling Paul Pierce?

Q. If daniels plays back-up point for the Celts, who backs up Pierce at
the 3? And please don't say Tony "I have never seen a shot fake I
didn't jump out of my shoes for" Allen.

like Allen better than you do, but I think he'll have a lot of
competition from Bill Walker for those minutes … if the Celtics don't
trade him first.

Hollinger – who once called J.R. Giddens "terrible"  – likes Tony Allen. Is he trying to lose all credibility?

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  • Double P Reppin the B

    this is what i feared. we havent had a true backup for pierce since posey left…

  • JD


  • Lex

    A little love for Billy. I’ll take it.

  • Lex

    BTW, I read something recently that said BW is 245 pounds, but plays like he’s 215. If so, he can handle the 3.

  • Im not sure what Hollinger is saying is set in stone by any means, because Marquis actually defends small forawrds better then he does guards, and is listed as such…. and if billy doesnt win/earn minutes, i actually would prefer marquis backing up pierce and if TA is to play, back up ray

  • nick

    BilL Walker equals Corliss Williamson…Minus the J and plus the hops. Hollinger is a fucking terd, i’ve been saying it forever and I’ll continue to preach the Hollinger Hate. The guys a prick, plain and simple. He doesn’t know hoops. He thinks weird teams like the fucking raptors and golden state are always nasty when they are fringe playoff teams and he knocks good teams because he has his own agenda to look smart if those teams get injured and fail. Not to act like some tough guy or anything like that, but if me and Hollinger ever meet in a dark alley at night, I will fucking beat him unconscious, I truly do despise every word out of that little pussies mouth.

  • Nick – keep your threats to yourself. I don’t want a subpoena when some deranged fan attacks Hollinger.

  • Wow… quit hating on Tony Allen Chuck…
    Regardless of how much you hate him I feel 10 times more comfortable with him than with JR Giddens. The Celts clearly don’t like Giddens.
    Allen CAN be a good backup in this league. In fact, you all forget that he was the best player on the team for that stretch in 2007 when Pierce was out. He was averaging something like 5 steals a game for 10 games.
    He shouldn’t be playing a lot of minutes, but don’t try and say Giddens is a better player.

    After he scored like 32 points a couple years ago…. Best Tony Allen moment ever.

  • JD

    So to you, Hollinger is the Anti-Matt Barnes?

  • It seems they believe quite a lot in Bill Walker, let’s just hope he’s ready. TA isn’t really THAT awful, he’s just not good. I definately would rely on TA just as soon as rely on, say Scal or Shelden Williams. I can see a second unit like Daniels; House; Walker/Allen; Davis; Wallace. It’s actually a pretty strong second unit.

  • BigMck

    When the hell did I say or imply that Giddens was a better player than TA?
    I also don’t think its fair to say the Celtics don’t like Giddens – let’s see how training camp plays out.
    Yes – Allen can be a good backup and he has potential.
    But I am tired of his act – dumb plays – on and off the court.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.


  • Lakerhater

    What has Scal ever done to have his name mentioned below TA? Is he as fast as TA? nope. Is he as completely F*cking stupid as TA? nope. Scal gives you what he’s got and will take one for the team. TA has moments of great play and turns around in 20 seconds commits three fouls, four turnovers, cries, holds his head, trips and spills Doc’s popcorn and finally poops himself.
    Scal= ’98 Buick sedan with 80,000 miles
    TA= ’98 camaro with no steering wheel or brakes (but curb feelers).
    Which would you rather drive?

  • PxFunk

    Haha great analogy LH! I’d take the buick

  • The last sentence of your post. That is when.

  • I’d say Scal is more like a ’98 Buick with 80 000 while TA is more like a Nascar. Now, you could use a racing car for getting around, you just have to be careful and take it nice and slow. I’m not saying that I’d RATHER play TA, I’m saying I’d JUST AS SOON play TA. You could get better, you could get worse.