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Any Luck with Tickets?

Chuck - Red's Army August 27, 2009 Uncategorized 14 Comments on Any Luck with Tickets?


Did anyone score tickets to the Cavs or Lakers games?

Our good friend KWAPT tweets that even though tickets went on sale at 11 am, there were no Lakers tickets available at 11:02 am.

As of noon, single tickets were still available for the 2/25 game against the Cavs.

If you did grab tickets, let us know what you got. I'm curious what fans are spending in this economy.

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  • Danno

    renewed my 1/2 season tickets back in May. I got 2/25 Cavs tickets, but not Lakers tickets this year. Had the Lakers game last year.
    This offseason needs to speed up. I’m itching for a game.

  • CelticBalla32

    So far, I have:
    Opening Night vs. Charlotte
    October 30 vs. Chicago
    November 1 vs New Orleans
    November 11 vs. Utah
    December 20 vs. Minnesota
    March 24 vs. Denver
    I’ll be getting more soon, preferably in January or March.

  • Gary

    I’ve got full season tickets and they had a pre-sale yesterday for extra tickets. There were no Lakers or Opening Night tickets available at that point.

  • Might have 2 Cavs Celtics Tickets in Cleveland

  • CelticBalla32

    Advice: don’t waste your time on ticketmaster/ Just get your tickets off StubHub. It’s reliable and there are tickets for every game available. The only games with outlandish prices are the Lakers and Cavs games. For everything else, you can get balcony seats in the $25-40 range without a problem.

  • Danno

    Stub hub is good. Celtics Ticketexchange is better, because you pay face value, and it’s run by the Celtics Organization, so you can’t be duped with fake tickets or multiple copies of print your own PDF tickets.

  • Like Danno I re-upped on the half-seasons tickets, but was on this morning trying to get some tickets for a friend…. My 11:10 AM the cheapest tickets I could find for a Bulls game were $86. Same for Orlando. Cleveland was $96. Even if you wanted a Wednesday game against someone like the Thunder it was like $46 minimum for a Balcony seat. That’s absurd.

  • Michael

    I agree with Balla32. Stub Hub has served me well this year and in past. Got 4th row section 313 for MLK day vs. Dallas @ $49 each ($60 after fees, but so would ticketmonger be). If you have amex card there are a few good ticketmaster deals (well, good might be an exaggeration) on Loge seats still available for select games. I got 20th row section 19 for $81 each vs. Philly Dec. 18.
    Lakers, Cavs, Orlando tix are all rediculously priced no matter where you go, and I’ve seen those teams plenty. Still good tix left on stubhub for San Antonio on March. 31st, but then I realized that half S.A.’s roster will be benched at that point ;o

  • Great feedback from everyone. I was just trying for Lakers tix today and they were all gone.(according to Ticketmaster) StubHub is pretty decent and so is TicketExchange. The one problem w/TicketExchange is this: they are run by Ticketmaster and the fees are OUTRAGEOUS. For example: for 2 really nice Loge seats at say $150 face value each, you will pay about $500. $100 fee on each ticket. I am very fortunate in that A)My sister became a season-ticket holder this year and B)I have 3 or 4 friends who are also season-ticket holders and I buy games directly from them also. My Laker seats I usually will spend a nice chunk of change on at StubHub or Hig’s tickets as it only happens once a year. (kinda like my sex life..)

  • G4L

    Haha, Funny stuff… whats like your sex life? the once in a life time or Spending a nice chunk of change? lol

  • CelticBalla32


  • Danno

    You know, I never knew that. I figured they hit you with the typical ticketbastard rape fees, but that’s ridiculous. I’ve only ever sold them, and they always pay you back face value – but I might start thinking about Stubhub from now on.
    The only reason I would shy away from selling mine on stubhub is that as a seller – you don’t know who you’re selling to – so if taht person gets into any trouble/fights/arrested while sitting in your seats, you’re liable and can lose your season tickets.

  • *sigh* both…lol

  • yes, true as well..but yeah, go check out the TicketExchange buyer prices at some point-they are a bit much