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Twolves Wasted 5th Pick in the Draft

Here's a shocker – Ricky Rubio will play in Spain for the foreseeable future.

The DKV Joventut guard will sign a six-year contract with FC Barcelona, according to (via HoopsHype).
According to the report, Rubio’s buyout to play for Regal Barcelona
will be a record-breaking 3.7 million euros ($5.3 million), the largest in European
basketball history.

This doesn’t mean Rubio will spend his entire career in Europe. The
report notes that his contract will also have an opt-out clause which 
would allow him to leave for the NBA. The buyout would decrease after
every season and would reportedly be low enough for Rubio to enter the
pros in the Summer of 2011.

T-Wolves knew Rubio was a gamble from the very beginning – which makes
me think they had no interest in paying two lottery-pick salaries.

they really cared about building a team, David Kahn would have drafted
Stephon Curry to play along side Jonny Flynn. In one night – you have
the backcourt of the future.

Wanna see something scary? Check out the Timberwolves depth chart:


Poor Al Jefferson – he's stuck on a team going nowhere.

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  • Joseph

    Yup Al Jefferson can pat his stats so you Suckdic fans can say, “see we gave up something for KG”, which is major and utter bullsh*t.

  • stoolFool

    Why would it ever matter whether we gave something up or not? All that means is our team is smarter/better
    You are pretty pathetic. “Suckdic” might be the worst nickname i’ve ever heard. You have 2 letters right, and they’re the last 2.
    what team is it that you like? (WNBA doesn’t count) I guarantee ill come up with something just as clever

  • BigMck

    What did the Lakers give up for Gasol again?
    Flaker Fools…

  • G4L

    Maybe they’ll take Tony Allen off our hands.

  • CFH

    Poor Big Al.
    Maybe some of the experts here can tell me whether all players average 23 and 11 when they’re on bad teams? Obviously having few or no decent teammates inflates stats SOME, but all the way up to 23 and 11?

  • Nick

    the Wolves caused this mess by allowing that piece of scum HORRIBLE possibly worst ever coach in BASKETBALL HISTORY Randy Witman to not develop Gerald Green and Rashad McCants. If they allowed those two guys and Rodney Carney to develop and also keot Mike Miller and Randy Foye or at least not drafted Rubio with the pick they got from the Wizards, then they would be young and athletic and much deeper than they are. They pretty much fucked up across the board. David Kahn is a stupid asshole and he’s a fucking nerd, honestly how do u become the G.M of a pro sports team? Some of them should coach in the special olympics they are so damb stupid

  • prefuse

    ok, and you celtics fans call us “Fakers”? wtf is a Faker? is it when you guys chanted MVP for kobe?

  • Odd that those “celtic” fans cheering mvp for Kobe were wearing Laker gear. Or do you think maybe, just maybe they were Laker fans in attendance at that game?