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Celtics 4th in SI Preseason Power Rankings

Via Chris Mannix of SI.com:

The Celtics understand they have a two-year window to win and are loading up accordingly. Rasheed Wallace
is the perfect fit as the first big man off the bench. After spending
the '09 postseason scrambling for power players amid myriad injuries,
Boston is now forest-thick in that department with Kevin Garnett, Kendrick Perkins, Wallace, Glen Davis and Shelden Williams. The Celtics still could use a backup point guard, but they can grab a capable one off the free-agent scrap heap anytime.

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  • I wasn’t sold on the Cavs last year and I still have my doubts. I still feel like the celtics are the best in the east. And yes, I am a Lakers fan but I am not a troll.

  • Matt

    These “experts” need to realize, you need a talented big man to be one of the elite teams. Washington doesn’t have that. They have scary good depth when it comes to guards, but absolutely nothing in the big man area. Plus the fact that they have a coach who doesn’t handle pressure very well, Washington won’t be higher than 5th in the east.

  • Antoinew8

    I say this is the order of the top five:
    1.)Boston- I’m biased, but if KG was healthy alone, this team would’ve won a second championship, now you add Rasheed as an insurance piece for if KG does go down, and he can step right in and be almost as good. This team is unstoppable like the first half of last year.
    2.)San Antonio – The Spurs actually made the best offseason move in picking up Richard Jefferson, Celtic fans know what he can do all too well from his NJ days, so to add him as their Manu insurance puts them right back to the top of the west.
    3.)Lakers – With Artest they have an equal defender to Ariza who they lost, and a more consistant scorer. And you can be sure that Artests numbers last year weren’t just because he wanted a contract, unlike Ariza’s. But the Lakers do need to worry about that with Lamar who was dog meat two years ago when he didn’t have anything to play for.
    4.)Orlando – With Vince Carter they have a go to guy in crunch time finally, which Hedo was only sometimes last season(Almosty always against the celtics though)I don’t think Vince does as much of the little things as Hedu did for the team, but maybe pietrus can pick up the slack there, and they can have Vince playing the courtney Lee role which would be a definate upgrade. Of course a healthy Jameer Nelson helps too(Or does he? after the playoff performance you never know?)
    5. Cavaliers – Getting Shaq(aka “The big roadblock”)didn’t help the Suns who played an uptempo game, and it definately won’t help the cavs. He’ll clog the lane for LeBron and all the others making this a halfcourt team when he’s on the floor. Of course LeBron will likely be able to overcome it enough, but Delonte, Gibson, Moon, and Mo Williams won’t, as most of their offense came on transition buckets last year. Parker could help them out, but the Shaq deal knocks the Cavs out of the top just like Phoenix fell when they got him.
    This is how i see the playoff standings:
    1.Celtics 1.Spurs
    2.Magic 2.Lakers
    3.Cavs 3.Portland
    4.Hawks 4.Suns
    5.Wizards 5.Jazz
    6.Raptors 6.Nuggets
    7.Heat 7.Mavericks
    8.Bobcats(w/Iverson) 8.Hornets(Maybe Clippers)

  • Lex

    1968-69 Boston Celtics
    The Last Hurrah for both Russell and the great Sam Jones. After pacing themselves in the regular season, the ancient Celtics (the starting five averaged 32 years of age) knocked off favored Philadelphia, New York, and, finally, star-laden Los Angeles, winning the famous Game 7 in the Fabulous Forum

  • JJ

    You “don’t care” how much talent the Wizards have? Cause they a LOT of talent and are a contender this season. Don’t believe me? How about Doc Rivers?
    On Washington adding Miller and Foye, Rivers said, “We had a board meeting and I told them Washington improved more than anybody. Washington will be a player next year. Flip [Saunders] is a terrific coach and they had all the injuries [with Brendan] Haywood and Gilbert [Arenas]. Two of their five starters were out and they add what they added in Mike Miller and Randy, they didn’t give up a lot for that. They’re going to be a tough team to deal with next year.’’

  • DRJ

    Cavs and Lakers make two of the stupidest moves of the offseason, so they are both way overrated now.
    Shaq is now poison to any team’s playoff hopes… this was a desperation move by the Cavs to do something about Dwight. But Shaq is not the answer, no way no how. Too slow, too fat, too old. Fuggetaboutit.
    Lakers giving up Ariza and adding Artest = really, really dumb. Artest is in decline, with terrible offensive skills. His D is excellent, to be sure, but so is Ariza’s. Dumb move. But the rest of the team is still there, so they have to be taken seriously.
    Spurs’ McDyess is a good addition, on paper. But he’s 35 years old now. Not getting better, for sure. Jefferson is a solid addition. But the bottom line remains Manu’s ankles, Tim’s body. If healthy, those guys always were tough to beat.
    Magic ridiculously let Hedo walk, to be replaced by Vince… wow, stupid. But I hear Dwight’s been working on his post moves and outside shot… he’s a force to be reckoned with, regardless. If he actually develops either or both of those, watch out.
    1. Celtics
    2. Lakers
    3. Spurs
    4. Magic (because of Dwight only)
    5. Cavs

  • When healthy I think the Spurs is very dangerous.. I think they can beat any team in the league..