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RedsArmyAdmin August 24, 2009 Uncategorized 3 Comments on More from Bill Walker
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Yesterday, we passed along some stuff from Bill Walker out of the Herald that shows just how much work he's doing with kids… and how he's dedicated himself to giving back.

The Herald has since added more from Walker on its web site.  Of particular interest:

Walker hasn’t been affected by the offseason rumors that he could be traded. The interminable process of acquiring Marquis Daniels should be
resolved this week and that will likely end any speculation on Walker’s
future. He wants to return to the Celts for a second season, and that
seems to be the most likely scenario.        

“I don’t worry about that. That’s a part of the
business. That’s the beast side of the business. All I can control is
that I’m going to work out every day and take every day for what it’s
worth. If I’m here, I’m here. If I’m not, oh well, but I still want to
be who I am at the end of the day.”

Yeah right… Daniels will be here this week.  Good one.

Also out there:  Lex wants us to call a meeting of the families so we can all take turns with the last storyline of the summer:  who will back up Rajon Rondo? 

Maybe if Red's Army
can organize a meeting, one of us Celtics' people out here on the
Internet can be appointed each day to bemoan the fact that the Celtics
don't have a conventional back-up point guard behind Rajon Rondo.

Ok.  We'll take every other odd day here at Red's Army.  Lex, you take the first even day of odd weeks except for weeks after a full moon.  Those will be exclusively handled by Celtics Blog.  Every 3rd Thursday will be handed out in a lottery based on height and eye color. 

There.  Simple. 

I think we share in the frustration.  I'm sick of hearing it too.  There needs to be a moratorium on backup PG stories.  However, it's still August… and the complete lack of news might be more overwhelming than the statistical analysis of Eddie House's shooting percentage when he's playing the 1 vs. the 2.

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  • Lex


  • LOL. I just wrote a story about the backup PGs, but with a new twist…For once I wasn’t bitching, just analyzing House’s and Daniels’ games.

  • thetitleisours

    We will not see anything until preseason. A long wait. Danny is hoping someone better will fall off one of the teams than what is available at this time