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Isaiah Rider is coming back…

… to play in the American Basketball AssociationAccording to Dime:

Word out of Fort Worth, Texas is that the North Texas Fresh, an ABA expansion team set to begin play in the 2009-10 season, is close to signing Isaiah Rider.

“I am just thrilled to have the opportunity to bring a player of his
caliber in to better our current players who want the opportunity that
J.R. has had in his NBA playing days,” says
Jay Bowdy, Owner/CEO of the Fresh

This oughtta be fun. What kind of nickname is Fresh? Is Doug E. Fresh the mascot?  Maybe the Fresh Prince?

I could be wrong, but I think Isaiah… J.R. Rider back then… was the first to bust out the between-the-legs dunk in an NBA competition.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    I lived in Portland during the “J-R era”….my 3 fave JR moments…
    Getting popped smoking weed out of a coke can with high-school kids in Lake Oswego.
    Spitting on a air-port lady when he missed the teams private charter out of Hillsboro airport. He also smashed her cell phone. (Her fault he was late).
    After beating the Jazz one year to get to the conference finals one year- he (and Sheed) ripped off thier shirts and danced on top of the scorer’s table like they were going to Disneyland…(my fave of the 3 in a close call with the coke can.)
    All kidding aside, a very talented offensive bull in his time, whose career was cut short basically for being a complete A-hole everywhere he went. The guy makes Spree look like an altar-boy. I’d recently heard he was in jail, which should shock nobody.

  • tom

    he was the first to go through the legs. called it the east bay funk