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Ray Allen’s Family Plans Fuel Contract Rumors

Via the Boston Globe:

File this under the “Hot Rumor’’ category. Ray Allen’s contract is up at the end of the season and Celtics president Danny Ainge reports
that no serious talks have taken place regarding an extension. But
there is considerable chatter in Wellesley, where Allen lives, that his
teenage daughter may move in with him. Tierra Allen has
lived with her mother in South Carolina and plays volleyball and
basketball in high school. She would be a junior at Wellesley High (and
why would she come if dad wasn’t planning on playing beyond this year?
Just an observation). Needless to say, the Wellesley basketball
community is watching all this with great interest. With volleyball
starting this week, one would think something has to break pretty soon.

Peter May might be on to something here. Why would Ray uproot his daughter – for just one year?

We've already made the case – financial and otherwisefor Ray Allen to sign an extension with the Celtics.

Ray doesn't seem like the type of player who would seek out the most money for what could be his last contract.

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  • nick

    this makes a ton of sense we have just gota be craeful here going forward. We need to protect ourselves just in case one of the big 3 falls off. How do we pay Rondo? Does paying Rondo prevent us from going after an All-star caliber F.A? There are lots of questions long term which is why these next 2 seasons have gota be full throttle nightly beat downs from the Green Team..Rondo K.G and Perk and Sheed, what a fucking defense we have, count on grea tyears from Paul and Ray as well since they have a great backup like Marquis Daniels behind them, I am wondering who of the T.A Giddens Walker group steos up and plays well, I’de love for it to be Giddens to shove a big pile of shit down John Hollinger’s throa…Green 18

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I hope marquis daniels can supply a good backup to pierce, I still have my questions, the guy seems more like a guard to me than a forward and there are some big 3 men out there nowadays…