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Bill Walker is an inspiration

Bill walker

Why do all the really inspiring guys on the Celtics have to be fringe guys who might not be here for long? 

The Herald has a great story today on Bill Walker… who is spending a lot of time talking to kids at camps this summer about what it takes to make it.

“I just feel like if we were to have something like this where I was
from, I think a lot more people would have been interested in sports
and would have worked harder in school to try to become something,”

One way he keeps himself grounded… is never forgetting his own struggles in W. Virginia.

“I wake up every day and I look at myself in the mirror and that’s all
I see,” said Walker, who bought his mother a house in the more affluent
Stamford Park section of Huntington last year. “I see the struggle I’ve
been through. That’s why I feel like I can never place myself above
anyone else no matter how far I go in life. I’m still the same kid from
1023 Minton St. that just got lucky and got a chance to get out.”

I'll take a crack at answering my own question here:  I think the reason the most inspiring guys in sports are often "fringe" guys because they've had to really work hard for everything they've gotten.  A million athletes come from the same conditions as Bill Walker.  But the guys who have been superstars from Day 1 are always treated differently.  They get things they want because people are trying to hitch their wagon to the stars.  Guys who have to fight and claw their way into the spotlight often appreciate it more and realize that no one was there during their struggle.  So they realize how much it would have helped to have a positive influence at that time… and hence… they're often doing things like Bill Walker is doing. 

Check out the piece.  Very good stuff.

Couple of other things worth checking out:  Lex is happy that people are underestimating the Celtics, and Pro Basketball News' Sam Amico yawns at KG's guarantee of 2 more ringsAnd Kedrick Brown will be playing ball in Turkey this year.

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  • Nice post. I would contend that Walker was a star from day one, though. He always was rated in the top five of his high school class, and compared to Vince Carter back before his first injury.
    Powe was the same way, oddly.
    Now, both Powe and Walker have to claw for everything they get but, during the formative years, they both were handed everything on a silver platter.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Good point, Jay. Even the lowliest NBA player has been treated as a king at some point.

  • thetitleisours

    I hope Danny Ainge changes his mind and gives both Walker and Giddens a chance to step up this year for this team. Would like to see their potential first before giving them away. Maybe he has already changed his mind form that statement that one will be gone. Besides, you know Daniels is going to be injured at some points during the season. Would prefer to see these guys early than TA
    yeah, miss Big Al and Ryan Gomes too

  • Lex

    Thanks for the ref, RA.
    My other thought on the fringies is that for those with injuries, like BW and Powe, they are less likely to reinjure with less PT. Powe, for example, tore up his knee at the end of a season where he was being used more and more.
    Whatever, I’d like to see Doc try to use either BW or JR a little bit more this year.
    Hollinger may not like JR, but supposedly he can play some D. We need some D off the bench at the wing.